Down South

Holla my friends,

I’m glad you made it back.


It has been a while” am I about to say as I realize that I started probably the last eight blogs with this – sort of – excuse of mine. It just always surprises me how fast time travels these days. I mean – end of April – already? Really? Holy smokes.

Times certainly flies when you are busy and all over the show, trying to sort what is so called “life”.

Last time I wrote to you guys was end of January, when we were living a bit all over the show – changing scenery from Auckland to Kerikeri and back in a heart beat.

What happened since,.. that’s what this one is about. Feel free to follow my lyrics and sing along! :)


I remember quite well what mood I was in when I wrote the last blog. It was a bit of an escape from reality, really. Thinking back: These lovely summer days where filled with plenty of thoughts and ideas surrounding one question in particular: What’s next?

After a few weeks of acclimatizing to the NZ summer (remember: We left Germany with -9 degrees….) we starting thinking about our next steps. Deciding on where to live and what to do, mainly.

So weeks went by,.. when we started applying for jobs, looking at google maps for several hours a day and trying to find the perfect spot for our two happy souls. Without going to much into detail I can say it was quite frustrating at times, just because it felt like nothing really worked out to begin with.

But it did, eventually.

Of course it did.

It always does.


After we made the decision that we will have to move in order to find jobs and accommodation (rather then sending tons of emails from our KERIKERI HEADQUARTER) we felt relived (because something finally happened) and anxious (we didn’t know what we were in for). I – of course – wasn’t anxious (I didn’t even know how to write this word, I had to google it), I am a man, we are brave.. ROAR! Well.. I was more excited I guess. The two of us were.

ANYWAY.. we decided to fly down to Nelson, leave the north Island behind and give it our best shot at the south Island.

We never looked back.

Summer 2017

Now we are here. Nelson. 50.000+ People live here. Sounds charming. Is charming.

“Please describe Nelson for your audience in just a few words Mr. Hansen..”

I shall.

Nelson is a beautiful and VERY SUNNY spot in the north west of the south island. (EASTer was just a few days ago.. That has nothing to do with the topic BUT after I wrote about north, south and west I felt sorry for the east.)

Nelson is a fairly small and charming place right at the pacific ocean. So beaches and bays included. It’s very sunny,.. yes I said it before but that’s like the main thing, really. The city is surrounded by hills, mountains, the ocean and the sun. Sunny Nelson is not just sunny but it also has quite a lot of sunshine. Sometimes when the sun doesn’t shine it is still sunny just because Nelson has such a sunny spirit.

We moved here right at the start of march, means we are here,.. wait.. seven weeks now. Almost two month. #nocalculator #mathiswhatIcan #whocancan #mathandIwillneverbefriends #Nelsonissunny

A few Impressions from Nelson


Before we really started our engines down here though, we actually returned to Auckland for a quick stop over.  Reason: The beautiful wedding from Moniques sister.


The weekend of course past way to fast and we found ourselves back in Nelson in no time.

Back in Nelson we’ve managed to sort out quite the set up for ourselves. After a few weeks in short term accommodation we are currently house sitting one heck of a nice city villa with a SPA Pool and a dog. For some of you who might not know what house sitting is, it is basically sitting on the house, like on the roof for example. You just sit there and enjoy the sun, Nelson sun, cause it’s sunny.

Nah it’s just looking after the house of someone who for example goes away for vacation and don’t want their animal left alone or just don’t want the house to be empty while they are gone. So lucky us, a friend of a friend and his family just went on a four week trip. So we can stay at their place for LAU formally known as free. And even better, soon after we leave this house, we are going to house sit another place for a friend of a friend.. for six weeks. It works out quite neat, I tell ya. That allows us to save a bit of money because we don’t pay ANY GOD DAMN rent. And let me remind you fellow friends from Deutschland, we pay rent here every week so it does make quite the difference. Wuhuuu..

So once we are done sitting on all these roofs, which will be mid of July, we are looking into renting our own place. Until then, happy sitting.

Apart from that we manage to sort out some work for the two of us. My partner in crime continues her journey as a SPA Therapist and started working in this beautiful relaxing SPA bang downtown. She is so good at it, that I’m sure she soon takes over the whole place and eventually runs Nelson all by herself!

Myself, I started working as a football coach/teacher for FC Nelson, working with kids and teenagers all over the place. Work in various school included. Very exciting stuff for the two of us.


What else?

I started playing football again (THANKS THE LORD) for the world class famous FC NELSON. A team so very much attractive. I love it. What football is for me, is yoga for Monique. So she does that all day long and seems very happy with it. I had my first lesson, too…





FLEXIBILITY! Oléeeeeeeeee


Well so far so good. That’s pretty much it for now. Before leaving you guys to it, I have a few beautiful shots from last weeks easter weekend PLUS road trip. Just around the corner @ cable bay.





Well that’s me, people.

Hope everybody is doing great back home. Love to family and friends. Miss you guys!! How about a little adventure in NZ? I heard Nelson is nice and sunny. ;)


Over and Out

Love and Peace




Nq & Tj


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