Children of the Wild

Hello and good afternoon, morning, evening or night, depends on wherever you might find yourself on this beautiful day.

Me, myself and I we are currently in Kerikeri, New Zealand – 12.55 pm local time, approx 25 degrees, sunny.. in one word: Summer!

Finally one might think, and yes, finally!

Not that you think I don’t miss -8 degrees, clouds, grey, cold, freezing and brrrr weather from good old Germany but I do feel surprisingly “Ooookay” coping with this new life situation. (Hateful comment from german friends are expected and welcome at that point…).

No honestly, after a few exhausting days traveling from Europe to NZ – three flights, a 12 hour jet lag to overcome and a temperature change from at least 30 degrees – I can finally say: “We arrived.” Oh yes we did!

But hey,.. before going too much into detail about whats actually happening these days, how about a jump back in time, let’s say 4-5 months ago.

[ … ]

Hello and good afternoon, morning, evening or night, depends on wherever you might find yourself on this grey and cold day. This is me – Tj – trying to remember how it was 4-5 months ago in Germany. My guess: Greyish.

We are in Berlin. Capital. Urban Jungle. Historic City. German.

The weather is actually not too bad since it’s still late summer/beginning of fall. So picture a beautiful late summer day with sun and a walk in the park. So much to the beauty, now: Real talk. It’s Berlin, it’s slowly getting colder, the summer days are over and we do what we have to do. We work!

Both happy aaaasss with our jobs, earning and trying to save some money for the upcoming adventures. It works.. – let me use a german phrase – so lala.

Apart from work, the ENJOYMENT of living in THE GERMANS capital city is written in capital letters. It’s a great time, with some outstanding people!

And every now and then we would make it out, hit the road (with Jack) and aehm.. roadtrip I guess…

Next stop: Praha, with a stop in beautiful little Switzerland in the Saxony area of Germany.

Another capital, not german in anymore though… haha

Prague, sponsored by Iphone Cam
 And a couple more polaroids sponsored by Canon EOS.
Prague 2016

Our weekend in Prague was very exciting and a great way of leaving the days of work behind for a while.. Lucky for us we caught up with a friend who is from Czech. David was a great host and showed us around. Thanks again buddy, we wait for you and May to come back to NZ so we can have a proper catch up together!!

A few weeks in the books later and the most special time (not just in germany) arrived.


But before we would leave and drive home for Christmas. We had to sort out what would come next.. after Christmas so to speak. During Moniques year abroad (which she loved by the way: Right girl? – please picture a cute kiwi girl smiling and giggling and nodding but mainly still giggling..) .. we made the decision to move back to New Zealand beginning of 2017. #bigstep

It took us quite some time to sort out all the necessary paperwork but a few full on weeks later we were finally ready to post this bitch!


A few more weeks in Berlin with ..

Moniques first visit to an official german Christmas Market.

First time Christmas Markets for this one!

Just a few days later we finally packed our bags once more and drove home for Christmas!

On our way we stopped and high5ved with a few of my best friends a said a little goodbye on our journey back into the north of Germany.

And then.. right on time for Christmas…

Santa gave me my Visa. NZ 2017 here we come! Best Christmas present ever and a huge relieve as well! The rest was pure enjoyment and a lovely Christmas with my family who put so much effort in to make this christmas very special for me but even more so for Monique.

Thank you so much! We loved our Christmas with you! <3

And before we even realized..   New Year Party @ Flensburg!!!

2016 was an outstanding year. From the moment we left New Zealand in Jan 2016 towards Europe with WHAT-A-BEAUTIFUL 2 1/2 weeks holiday in Bali and the Philippines. The time we spend sorting out our life and work situation in Germany. Working on Sylt – The Island in Germany. Spending time with my beloved family and friends. Traveling Europe with Roadtrips to Denmark, a cruise to Sweden, three weeks in France, a relaxing week in Switzerland at Lake Geneva, stops in several cool cities in Germany. Finding our sweet spot in Berlin, where we lived for 5 months working and enjoying life heaps. Meeting a few people we consider now – friends-4-life! Another Roadtrip to Prague and our christmas holiday in badasscold nothern Germany. I love this year so much. All the ups and all the downs. It was intense but it was one hell of a great year! Thank you to anybody contributing to it. Applause from the author to the people he is lucky to call – friends :)

As fast as 2017 started as fast we left… leaving my family home on the 5th of Jan, just to fly out on the 6th, just to arrive in NZ on the 8th.

A few last goodbye later and we were off. Off to new adventures !

Ps. -8 degrees made leaving slightly easier haha

So here we are. 27th of January 2017.Together our journey began almost two years ago and I am so excited what the future holds for US!

And because it’s not just me but us, this last part of today’s chapter, today’s blog is a joined project :)

So let’s jump back to today:

As most of you already know, I’ve made the big move back to New Zealand with my little kiwi girl. So far it’s been a mixture of sun, beer, hiking, weddings, catching up with family and friends, and of course sorting our most popular question “What’s next?”

Now before we get to “What’s next?”… Let me fill you in on our 2 weeks in NZ so far.
We arrived home to welcoming arms from Moniques family and stayed with her sister and partner for a little while. (Including the kiddies – trouble maker Willow, and smiley 7 month old Bella)

Lots of catching up, relaxing, and waiting for our luggage to arrive 4 days later!!! After we could properly dress again, we made our way up to Kerikeri (moniques hometown) where her dad and brother live.

Together with Moniques best friends we enjoyed Hanneke and Tom’s beautiful wedding. We had an awesome day. Congratulations again! To a bright and rocking future ;)
Soon after the wedding we decide to do a 5 hour hike into the wild (Dukes nose) with some friends. Pictures to follow ⬇ An absolute top in my book of NZ spots.

A real stunner …


A perfect day up there! Thanks again for taking us up there Kylie. A hell of a trip I tell ya.. haha

Well…. back to the question of “What’s next?”….
Well, between the two of us (and all of you guys), we would love to just follow the sun forever really! But reality is reality, and a nice little setup somewhere with my girl sounds pretty damn good to me. So onwards with the house and job search, and we hope next time you hear from us it will be from our own little slice of paradise.


With Love and Peace,..


.. Monique and Tj


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