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” .. One more time .. “

Not just a famous and brilliant tune from daft punk. No, it is – as sad as it sounds – the last time me writing my blog from New, Zea and Land.

So: Hello from the outside and welcome to a heart warming 90 minutes of attention, affection and amor’e.

– space –

What can I say. Most of you, who followed me and my adventures through New Zealand, know that it has been a blast and a beautiful ride the last twelve months.

Well, here I am, closing in towards my last day adventuring in a country far FAR away from home. I think even the furthest away you could possibly go. Apart from Middle Earth maybe,…

Oouh.. wait.

– space –

Another year has passed. Wow.
Not that it flew by, no. I’ve been travelling around NZ quite a lot but still.. it feels like I left Germany just yesterday.

So maybe,.. this year flew by after all.. mhh

Anyways. When we board the air plane tomorrow afternoon, I will leave New Zealand with nothing but beautiful memories. Great people accompanied my days and I sure made some good friends on the way. It’s as always the people who fill most of my blank pages with stories and memories. The beauty of New Zealand itself however makes me wanna come back – a hundrettwelvemillion percent.

(Yes, Monique does play her part in this.) haha

– space –

Today is sunday, our last day in New Zealand. We are in Auckland where we spend it with Moniques family.
Just 24 attractive hours more and we board our plane into the wild.

So far our plans for the future. But what is this last – goodbye – blog without a moment of silence.

Nothing. Exactly.

– space –

So here’s from me to you – A short look back on 365 days traveling Down Under – sponsored by CANON EOS.
(90% NZ, 4%asia, 6%OZ)


My three favorite polaroids of each month.


January 2015

1 - Jan
Frankfurt Airport. Goodbye Germany – See you in one year!
1 - Jan 2
Paradise in Koh Chang, Thailand.
2 - Feb 1
First day in Auckland, NZ. Special Feature: Van!


2 - Feb 2
On the road,..
2 - Feb 4
Cape Reinga – most nothern point of NZ
2 - Feb 5
My 26th birthday :)


3 - mar 2
Hello New Job at Nugget Point Hotel!
3 - mar 3
Riversurfing in Lord of the Rings Scenery
3 - mar 4
Chillin’ in Glenorchy


4 apr - 2
Team Germany vs. Team France. Queenstown
4 apr - 5
Milford Sound
4 apr - 6
First snow


5 may - 1
5 may - 3
Day trip with TSS Earnslaw steamboot


6 jun - 3
Proud owner of a FIFA Football Accreditation
6 jun - 2
FIFA U20 Football World Cup in New Zealand
6 jun - 4
True talents at Auckland’s FIFA FAN FEST


7 jul - 1
Live Love Laugh” – Bench on Queenstown Hill
7 jul - 3
Mount Cook – NZ highest mountain
7 jul - 4
” .. A thousand smiles a day, at least. “


8 aug - 1
New toy – Polaroid cam
8 aug - 2
Exploring through QT
8 aug - 3
The return of the sun. Plus football! Plus I <3 FL :)


9 sep - 1
9 sep - 2
Building Bridges (and more) in Arrowtown
9 sep - 4
Beauty with polaroid

October (gets four,.. because it was a big month :))

10 okt - 2
Published my 100th blog!
10 okt - 3
Worked my last shift after 7 month at Nugget Point
10 okt - 5
Stunning overnight cruise at Doubtful Sound
10 okt - 6
And Bye Bye Queenstown!


11 nov - 2
11 nov - 4
Sweetest Holiday in Opoutere
11 nov - 5
<3 in Waiheke Island

December (5pics – xmas spirit. love jesus!)

12 dez - 1
Surfing in December,.. with Jimbo!
12 dez - 2
Cape Reinga with ma fav mate!
12 dez - 3
Merry Xmas
12 dez - 4
Playing Santa with Willow
12 dez - 5
Christmas 2015

January 2016

13 jan - 2
Harbor Bridge in Sydney (that was acutally late 2015 but shh…)
13 jan - 4
Happy New Year!
13 jan - 6
Melbourne Zoo!

Thank you New Zealand for being such an outstanding country!

With plenty of stories to share I finally find my way home again. In a few weeks time I will be in the middle of my family and friends again and HONESTLY I can’t wait.

Until then asia (Bali, Phillipines, Vietnam and Thailand) shall be discovered and wildly explored.

Before I am officially shutting down my blog writing service from NZ – I dedicate a few more lines to one very special person.

Almost there baby,.. the first step into an exciting future.
I – for myself – can’t and don’t want to wait any longer.

Let us follow the sun.
Be happy and free.
And wear a smile on our faces.

Do you want to go on an adventure with me?

Yes. Hand in Hand. <3


I guess that’s it.
Our bags are packed.
We are ready to go.👣🌍
Excited as ever,.. I will as always keep in touch.


Next shout probably from asia.
Until then love & peace for all our family and friends and thanks for your beautiful support.

With Love and smiles,

Monique and Tj

Ps. Danke chrissi, dass du dieses Abenteuer mit mir angegangen bist! Du bist und bleibst ein großer Teil dieser Geschichte 😘



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  1. Keep kind eyes,
    Wear Saturday shoes,
    Never forget how big the sky is :)

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