Silence before Storm

Believe it or not – back I am.

“And as Yoda return I shall”    Ha!


With another four weeks in the books it is about time for me to high five my blog again.
Four weeks??? Some people might angrily shout.

Yes, my last blog is four weeks in the past.
I hear the critics in the background yelling and demanding answers! As the author calmly responses with AKON’s – WE DON’T CARE.

Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhh .. HASHTAG ATTITUDE #meeeean #badass


Honestly. Four weeks time just because nothing crazy happened lately. The last weeks were quite. Not that it’s any bad or something it’s just that there wasn’t really anything to report about. UNTIL NOW of course…

Accompanied with Ellie Goulding’s – THE WRITER playing over my headphones – this blog couldn’t start any better,.. could it now.

d[-_-]b << This is me by the way! Breathtaking smily-creating-skills inclusive.

Some might (the cool kids) and some might not yet figured out todays blog sugarcube. (sugarcube = special feature)
Let me help them people where NOTHING ARRIVED – (by Villagers, accoustic). It is about some sweet tunes and the fact that I will randomly smash songs into this blog. It might be confusing and annoying sometimes.. but well.. I introduced you to AKON already, he? :)

I better appologize for this harshISH attitude already, it’s probably just one of these days… Instead of anger I rather want you to SHOW ME LOVE – Robin Schulz & Judge, though.

I wrote the last blog from Auckland, where we stayed with Moniques sister and familiy. After a couple of beautiful days we left towards kerikeri, even further up north. The bloody north .. grrrr

Hold on. Kerikeri?
Germans will most likely think about a cute, little cheese commercial from back home, now. (Kiri kiri kiri haha) BUT no! FOCUS! CONCENTRATION!
Kerikeri rings a bell because I’ve been here before!
With just a couple of days in NEW Zealand earlier this year Chris and I spent in keri at least one night.

Now that I made my way back I realise some places around here. For Examples: We watched the American Super Bowl in the village’s pub with (ATTENTION) at least 3 1/2 other people.

Super Bowl in kerikeri. 2nd of Feb. (Less then a week in NZ)

Good memories even though I remember that I lost our bet about who’s going to win the game just because the seahawks didn’t use their BEASTMODE. STUPIDOOOO!! In case you don’t understand what I mean when I say what I say,.. well then you better SHUT UP AND DANCE – Walk the moon.

Anyways. I am back. This time not with Chris but with Monique. And why are we here? Because THIS IS SPARTA,.. noo.. Haee?
I mean this is her hometown. Kerikeri is monique’s hometown, yes. Now we make a shoe out of it. (Holy.. people will be so confused today… this is german saying hahaha)

We arrived here a few weeks ago and stayed with her mum eversince. Kerikeri is a charming little city where not too much happens. It’s quite and peaceful, though. Not to bad if you have some wild and adventurous months ahead of ya. Anyhow I am happy to be here and enjoy time with Monique and her lovely family :).

WOW! I just checked the calender and I realised it is the 14th of December ALREADY! Holy JAPALYYYYY
Christmas is not far away,.. ten days pretty much if I rely on my outstanding math skills.

Completly out of context and just because it’s a beauty. I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU – Tori Kelly ft. Ed Sheeran.

It’s funny how it various so much if I am writing with listening to music or without. Sometimes I love to write with nothing but listening to the wind, sitting outside on the patio (no homo). And sometimes (LIKE TODAY EXPLANATION MARK) I crank up the volume and dance on tables. Cheers!

Even though it’s warm, sunny and summer time now – christmas is approaching. A little, tiny bit weird for me but exciting at the same time. Just different I guess.

(Explanation: Hi, I am tj. I am german. And we happen to have winter when Christmas is approaching, like bloody NORMAL people!)
No Offence, NZ!

Here are some ROSES – The Chainsmokers ft. Rozes. HA! Great escalation-prevention-skills.


Even though I am far away from home I summoned some german christmas spirit for Monique, her family and myself.

German “Adventskranz”

Believe it or not. I made it myself!
More or less. But more more then less.
Trust me.


Apart from christmas feelings and the fact that my breakfast, lunch and dinner consists of cookies only, we still get the chance to explore a little bit. Kerikeri lies in the beautiful bay of islands and it has bays and islands and beautiful and icecreme.
(Fun fact: Not that I eat enough cookies during the christmas time already, my favorite icecreme flavour right now is: aeehmm.. cookies and creme.)
Ps. I would like to change the name from “FUN FACT” into “SAD FACT” .. I am naughty

Aaaanyways. What I wanted to say,.. we still explore and I still take my camera for little innocent walks.
The other day, the crew – James (moniques brother), Monique and myself – we went for a sweet bay-hopping trip pluuuus some sun & surf action, a perrot look-a-like and a purple sunset.









Uploading these handful polaroids just took me 7 YEARS – Lukas Graham.


An adventure every now and then, a roadtrip, a good life.



At cape reinga, most northern spot of the north island of NZ.




























So far so beautiful.

Christmas is not far away anymore. A few more days of silence before the storm sets in.


Christmas, Holiday, Boxing day, Sydney, New Years, Melbourne, 2 more weeks NZ, Bali, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Camboadia, Thailand aaaand… aaaaaaaaaaand… Germany!


The dates are set. Flights are booked. We are excited!

We set foot on european ground in march 2016. Home is not far away! :)

This is us – FOLLOW – FLICFLAC RMX Charming Horses ft. Jona Bird – the sun!

For now,.. I wish everybody a peaceful pre christmas time. I sure will make some noise before christmas eve! I maybe have a another little SUGARCUBE for ya!

Patience children, patience.

With love,



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