Monkey business

Niceee oooneeee..

it’s weekend-, blog-, and enjoymentTIME :)

This one will be a quicky thought (uuuuuh naughty). There is plenty of stuff to organise and my headspace is needed in other departments. BUUUUUUUT .. surely I take some time off to catch up with you guys:)

What’s the story? Well,… I still work just to begin with.


Which brings heaps of money…


Aaaand I finally found a department where I really enjoy working in, again. I mostly spend my time in the Hotels Restaurant now. As waiter, barkeeper or even sometimes (please HOLD YA BREATH).. manager on duty!

Fun – Big time.

Apart from that,.. I am literally just counting the days before we leave town, which will be in two month time, probably. Still plenty of time to take the money and put it in the bank. And money will be needed friends. Trust me. Trusté moi. Vertrauen Sie misch.

It took some time to turn heaps of great ideas into a solid plan of traveling the WORLD. But,.. after sweat, tears and blood.. I can finally reveal our plan to CONQUER the World.

There is no settling yet, people. NOT AT ALL. :))))
It’s about time to get going again. Hand in hand with beautiful company.


So what’s going to happen?
As I said the next few weeks will be used wisely to fill the bank account as much as possible. Money which won’t necessarily will make it back home to Germany, though. I am fairly sure, it won’t survive the trips ahead.

Mid/End of November when the sun comes out to play and it will be sommerliii over here, we will say good bye to queensi and it’s magnificent beauti. WOW.. where did that word come from.. hahah

We will hit the road and slowly find our way up towards the north island. Where we high five Moniques family and spend the christmas time. In summer by the way. Christmas in summer – is still a really really reaaally weird thought but I look so much forward to it.

Afterwards we will board our first plane together to celebrate New Years Eve in Sydney, Australia. A little holiday in Sydney and Melbourne before we head back for a few more weeks NZ, before both of us say good bye to New Zea and Land.

Before we find our way back ‘home’ to Europe and Germany, we will have a sweet little adventure in Asia. Bali, Philippines, China, Vietnam.. whatever crosses our mind. And then.. after – who knows – 1,2.. month in asia we finally hit Europe for at least a year.

Yeees,.. I’ll be finally around for a while, friends! :)))

I think we’ll make it to Germany at some point in March. Winter will be gone, hopefully,.. the sun slowly comes out to shine and football season starts again.. haha.. I AM SO MOTIVATED! :D

Once we arrive in Europe, we’ll make sure to get some money into the empty bank accounts again and then hit the road again in summer, when we will definitely go to France for the EURO 2016. OH MAMA… I CAN’t WAIT!!!

Well, that’s it. The plan for the next couple of month. No settling. Just daydreaming and happyness, please.


to be continued..


Feels good to have an idea what’s going to happen, I tell you :)

Before I end this one – a few polaroids from our beautiful trip to MONKEY ISLAND. An little island at the West Coast of New Zealand.





























A lovely little trip we made recently. The best part of this little island is that you can only reach it on low tide (Ebbe, Sand.). So we waited for the water to leave, before we set foot on the treasure ‘monkey’ island. Ohh.. and let me tell ya,.. we daydreamed a bit too long, so on our return trip the water was already back. A few wet feets later,.. we finally reach save land. Loved it.


Nothing to add.




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