Falling Maple Leafs

Hi loved ones,

yaaaaaaaaay back.where.I.belong HASHTAG Blogwriting

Häääääsh.. if you pronounce it in a really weird and man-ly way.

Ok first things first,.. I feel crapish. I had maybe one or two (…) drinks last night and I am struggeling as always the day after.. BUT – I am learning. I drank 8l water before going to bed, went for a lovely walk already to get some fresh air into my disturbed head AND.. -Wait for it cause it will blow your mind- I ate a salad.

A WHAT?!? EXCUSE-MOI.. excuse you.. WATTT? Macker.. Schelle?

YES, folks. The thing with too much green in it. I had one and surprised myself and everybody else. Even the girl at the cash looked weird at me like – Tj? You sure? ..

HA! Damn sure, baby!

I actually try to eat some green stuff every now and then.. let’s say once a month :)

Anyways, I still feel a bit määäää.. but I’ll be alright. Tonight is Pubcrawl again. NOT SURE…

I actually try to be mature ever now and then.. let’s say once a month :)

So with myself sitting in our four bed room, with two empty beds (edit: filled with french & danish girl) and Chris up top to watch a movie I spend some private time with my blog. It’s about time to be a storyteller again. I know,.. you love it. Or maybe you like it. And maybe you do appreciate. Or perhaps you don’t mind. OR very maybe you are about to leave this blog if I not sta…


We are,… Huch.. You guys just realised that I said WE?! Yes,.. totally forgot. Chris joined my little World Cup Roadtrip all over NZ. DING DING DING.. Newsflääääsh.

– The author appologizes for any inconvenience while reading –

– The author tries to be a good host from now on –

– He said “tries” for a reason … –

Aeehhmm.. By the way you guys realised that I sometimes get carried away? Hahaha.. Stupid Heaps!


Last time I wrote my blog I was in Christchurch on the south island. That changed. I am in Rotorua, somewhere near the east coast of NZ, North island. I took a lil vacation from FIFA World Cup since yesterday and today are two rest days, for the teams, the grass, the balls and me.

Time will be used wisely. Doing what I love. Write.

Music: Joris – Herz über Kopf

My days in Christchurch were filled with plenty of football (and one rugby game). I saw a couple of good games – Germany, Brazil, Fidschiiiii – and wrote a few articles. I met some interesting people on the way and got more and more self confident in what I am doing. There is a little professional in me, people. Let me tell you.

I try to surprise myself every now and then.. let’s say once a month :)

One of my highlights so far: I had a little, interesting chat with the German National Coach. Nothing too crazy,.. but I approached him after the press conference when he was about to leave and I asked him if he might have a few seconds for me. I didn’t really need any information from him it was more like – HE TJ.. Can you do this? Are you man enough.. hahah

Apparently I am and it felt just great afterwards. And yes, I was a bit proud.

After a few great days in CHCH, with Claire – a friend of my brazilian recife amigas – and her lovely family, a few cups of wine straight to the head and a chilled nature trail walk, I boarded a plane towards WELLINGTON.

Capital. North Island. Wind.

But before a few pictures from chcH, my working spot and rugby




I love flying. But this flight was a bit short. It felt like.. five minutes in the air and the pilot said: Ok, tj get ready for landing?

I was like WHAT?!? Parachute? Pikachu?

Made it to Wellington and meet up with Moya – a friend of Deborah, one of my nugget friends. I spent the night on the couch in the lounge and enjoyed the company of some great people.

The day after I went to the Wellington arena where I met up WITH …



Eversince we are on the road. Roadtrippin’ all over again.

It’s great to have him back in the crew. We saw two games in Wellington, rented a car and made our way to Hamilton where we saw New Zealand play Portugal two days ago and afterwards we left towards Rotorua, where we currently are.













Watching New Zealand play in Hamitlon was A-FUCKING-MAZING. Thousands of people, cheering! Paaauuuuuu

Of course we supported NZ as well. Unfortunately Nuno Gomez scored the second goal for Portugal in th 85th minute. NZ lost 1-2 but they won a nation, or at least the hearts of two german boys.



Germany played at the same time against Nigeria in Christchurch on the south island. I decided to watch NZ rather than Germany because I am smart and knew we would beat Nigeria. I didn’t miss a thing though, cause I had my very own NZ-whatsapp-monkey-commentator :)
With a 1:0 win we went into the next round where we now mess with Mali. Sound easy. It’s not. Mali surprised quite a lot. Well, good on them. Still. Sorry but you guys go home soon.

The game is tomorrow and I won’t be able to watch it again cause we are going back to Hamilton where we watch Protugal – Brazil. Wohooo.. Well,.. I might need to reactivate my lucky commentator girl. We shall see.

Ok,.. enough football for now.

After a crazy but real good last night with Chrissi Chris and Deborah who is in Rotorua as well, I decided to leave everything and everybody behind for awhile.

– Sometimes, it’s just you and the horizon.

..and my canon of course.



























Ok friends, I will move on. It’s not that I might sleep and relax now. OH NO.. haha
I am going to write my next World Cup article :)

It’s all about priorities isn’t it? And today – blog and you guys – are number one. Fesh.

Update and little warm up writing, done.

Time to get to work. haha


– The author put “work” in quotation marks for a reason –

It’s not that hard if you actually enjoy what you’re doing.

I hope you enjoyed my storytelling today.

It shall not be the last time.

With love and one little smile at least –

tj – the author, the writer, the beast.



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