Poetry Pencil

Hi there cool kids,

with the “Enter title here” field still blank,.. I start todays or actually tonights blogwriting.
Usually I have a blogtitle before I start writing, not tonight though.

If there is a Hoobastank – The Reason” for it?
Clearly.. Yes and No.

Aeehhm.. cmon tj make up your mind, YES or NO?

Well,.. [The author stopped before he would have said something fairly UNFUNNY like “NES” or “YO”]

So here I am finally allowing myself some private-blogwriting-qualitytime. Took me quite a while since my last days were FULL of pure EXITEMENT. Exactly, I worked most of the time. Haha

Still,.. I took the chance to fill some blank pages of my little notebook with new, wild and touching stories,.. Free for All.
Well, almost free,.. there will be a surcharge of 7%,.. enquiry,.. allocate,… Incidentals blablabla… Yes I do use those words on the daily basis haha. Incredible smart part – over and out. (Ps. Wasn’t too smart though since I had to google “Incredible”,.. for the right spelling.) Honesty wins – Statement done.

To make sure creativity keeps on flowing and maaaaybe to prevent me from repeating myself.. I just took a look back into my last written blog – about beauty, style and more beauty. But enough from me, queenstowns landscape isn’t bad either. THORNBUSH-THROUGH-THE-PLAINS-FUNNY

Puuh, just realized lasts blog is over 1 1/2 weeks ago. That’s just rude, tj.
Sorry and High5 as we move on.

Highlights of the lasts days and main topics of todays blogattack – Queenstown Park, Attractive football between Germany and The Grande Nation, Polaroiding, Views and Pencil-in-action-poetry.

With this being said,.. I aehmm.. well.. dunno.. OH hahaha.. I totally forget to tell you where I am. Not that it’s the most important thing in life,.. but still.. it is actually. I am just in the sexy confernce room of our hotel. We have super duper comfortable leather chairs, exellent for relaxing, pretending to be important and blogwriting on the highest level of creativity.

Oh and another important note. As usually todays blog gets sponsored by a musician of extreme quality. Todays musicial background is featured by James Bay. Cheers, mate.

And now enough of all this distraction. Let’s begin with some input and polaroids. My lasts days off I spent wisely and mature as always,.. to recover from work. So I was on tour all days,.. hiked, explored, played football, drank and most important didn’t get enough sleep. Mission accomplished I would say.

Sleep – when you are dead.” That’s what they say,.. but I might not even sleep then to be honest. haha

Anyways. I went exploring in Queenstown Park with Chrissi chris and Ray, a friend I met in Canada over two years ago. Cool beans,.. (I think that’s something she used to say.. haha)





















Queenstown Park

By the way,.. pressure’s ON me since I still don’t have a title.. But it will come, it will come. Patience young guns.
I feel like I said the following sentence just in a recently published blog BUT: Take That – Patience = Love.

Queenstown Park, was nice and actually relaxing compared to what happened after. With Ray and Chris I went towards Queenstown downtown where we ended up on the citys local Football/Rugby pitch. We met up with Team France – Loic and Thomas – two of our colleagues from work. Together we spent and I don’t exaggerate (And yes I most definitly googled the spelling) when I say we spent there around 800.000 hours. Wow,.. we played all day and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun. Haven’t played in so long but hey,.. football is like riding a bicyle,.. for team germany at least.

So here is the official FIFA scoreboard.

Team France: Thomas: Same Skilllevel like 63 chopsticks. Loic: Skill, yes. But still he’s french.. so cmon. Haha
Team World Champion: Chris(topher): Skill: German Tree, Timberproduction, ABRISSSTAMPFHAUER, injury-prone. Tj: Got called “Beckenbauer” during the game. Nothing to add..


0:1 (3.) – Thomas (SOMEHOW,.. he still doesn’t know how that happened…)
1:1 (7.) – Chris, wood, Holz
2:1 (13.) – Michael Ballack
2:2 (17.) – Thierry Henry
2:3 (19.) – Loic (EDIT: Team Germany on there lunch break)
3:3 (32.) – Gildo Horn
4:3 (38.) – Hans Sarpei
4:4 (43.) – Thoma… a cmon.. nobody is going to believe that you scored twice, hahah
5:4 (45.) – Hansen

Half Time

Shit got real in the second half though.. Beckenbauer, Zinidine, Heiko Westermann (…) and Nicolas Sarkozy, they all scored. In the end team Germany won with just 103:7 or something like that. Hahha.. nono kidding. We really had a sweet little match,.. and yes we still won. Haha

After our little private nugget game,.. we played with another 10 people on a big field. So much fun… :)

World Champion Impressions

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

The four Soccerooooos

Some more polaroids sponsored from my Iphone. (Chris at the waterfrond, Chris and Tj on tour, The two of us getting a milk shake after the biggest game on earth,

photo 1(1)

photo 2(1)

photo 3(1)

Oh and yes I look(ed) like an Indian (no offense) with this mark on my forehead,.. but I just ran against a shelf in the laundry so no worries.. haha. Some people might have called me harry potter,..

Good times. Haha
After this long and exiting day anyways,.. I fell into bed and slept with the rest of the housecrew in front of our fireplace watching movies. Such a sweet lifestyle. The very next day though I left the house, the crew and everything except my cam and music behind and went exploring on my one.
I found – nothing but one of my favorite spots in NZ –

And because I am lovely (every now and then) I will share with you.

Impression from somewhere up above



















From dusk till dawn..

A spot I not just enjoyed because of it’s beauty,.. it was more the feeling I had sitting down there and meeting up with an old, old friend. #Schreiberling – as my poetry-pencil took over, again. (Ps. I just found myself a blogtitle.)

Poetry Pencil

 It’s just the first line of this poem –
and I realize my pencil is not very sharp.
With no pencil sharpener with me –
my buddy says: Yo Tj, you better be smart.

Alright and ok I definitly copy –
let’s combine our wisdom and create something lovely.
Together we capture all the beauty within – Just a glance on the paper where the lines seem so thin.

With my pencil in use, losing some of it’s strengh –
I hurry up before this one is over without any end.
So back to the topic while I cross out a line –
As my poetry pencil runs out of it’s time.

I don’t wanna waist it, this precious moment in time –
that’s why I focus as if this would be my very last rhyme.
I treasure this picture before I am on the Homerun –
that’s it, high5 cause my pencil is done.

photo 5

Just some lines from a man and his pencil.

As I just said,.. that’s it. This time it’s not my pencil which is “done”,.. it’s my laptop and I am way to lazy to plug it,.. haha

Friends,.. hope you had great eastern with your family and enjoyed some quality time with them. I spent my days working,.. but since we earn more on public holidays I don’t mind. So far so good.

Ps. Just had to plug it because I was too slow.. damn.. haha
Ps2. Honesty still wins.


This one is over,..

This one is out,..

Go, leave and make the author all proud.



photo 4

Harry Pot.. tj :)


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