King of Queens

[ .. The author would like to inform everybody that beeeeefore he is going to start his blog writing today, he just listened to “chains” from nick jonas and “like I can” from sam smith .. ] 

 Nevertheless. Just semi-professional musicians compared to.. The Boys from the Back of the Street. Yes. Indeed. Again.

Shameless as always as I welcome everybody detouring around my blog again. So, hi😊

It’s.. wait.. Wednesday night – 10.17 piiiiii eeem. I am AGAIN in my van writing. Seems like creativity flows in this old, rusty, tractorlookalike, muscle car aka Manta Manta. (Haha, da musste ich kurz selber lachen, kennt ihr noch den Film “Manta Manta” mit diesen widerlichen Fuchschwänzenanhängern und den Schrottkisten mit den frechen Reallystreifen? 🙈🙈)

Just had a short -German movie flashback – Hey International friends? Go watch “Manta Manta” right away. Stop reading. Go watch TV!!

This movie is big German movie history. You can’t go to university without knowing it otherwise people will laugh and throw airplanes at you. Really.

Where was I haha – had to check for a second how I ended up talking about manta manta.

Weeeeell, as I just said 3hours ago…. I am in my van, drumming into my IPhones keyboard.

Last blog ended in Christchurch where I told you guys about my birthday a week ago. Since I am 26 – I am absolutely mature, finally old, very finally still TOO YOUNG for buying beer myself aaaaand last but not least – Still the most lovely Tj I know. [ The author just gave a High5 to himself. ]

Same character, same old lad. Pronouncing “old” a lil bit more than usually. But who is thinking – aaaaaaaaiiiiyyuuuuuu (that’s like a weird worried expression I just created) – tj’s life got boring.. Well, let me tell you something, you little, naiv sand box rowdies – NOT AT ALL.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.. (an expression someone, probably a sand box rowdy, invited way before me..) expectations popping through the roof.

I left the street and I settled. – This line was sponsored by

Sadly but true. I am no (back)streetboy anymore.

After one and a half weeks in Christchurch, we moved on to Queenstown. As I wrote in my “oldie but more goldie than ever” blog already – I could have just said it was the last one – but I am so proud of the name so I had to repeat it – we had two job interviews waiting for us in queensi.

Loooong story short. Arrived Saturday evening. Job interviews on Sunday and Monday. First day of work Tuesday. And JUST NOW I realize that today is Thursday not Wednesday. WOW.. I am something else,…

Little update: It’s Thursday night and 11pm already. Music changed from BSB to Robby Williams and now Bastille.

Little update II: it’s Friday night already. Just now I find time to upload my lines. Sorry… and to be honest, I struggled again since I tried everything to connect to the hotel network with my laptop. Didn’t work.. again I can’t provide too many shots but at least a few I just upload with my phone. Noooo worries, it’s not expensive at all.. no no not all.. nonooo😭 Anyways back to topic.


Chris and I ended up working for – The nugget point queenstown Hotel –

With Chris formally known as C G Putzteufel – Cleaning devil – Housekeeper Hanssøn. And myself Tj Knecht Hanssøn aka Guest service, porter, reception, houseman, housekeeping everything – we both found what we were looking for.

Chris usually starts at nine am 😴 and cleans all the hotel so that Tj troublemaker can easily show up at 12 (yeeees, sexy shift!) and make everything dirty again.. haha

The hotel actually gave me a new position. They never had somebody working this 12-8 shift – the runner position before. And with this being said I should warn them – they not just haven’t had a position like this before they probably never had somebody like me eighter hahaha evillll tttjjjjj mooode😁

So far so good. It’s busy for now and we have a lot to do but the hotel is nice and beautiful and the staff seems great as well. And of course, money money susannii.

In the middle of beautiful queenstown I finally seem to settle for a bit.












Queenstown. Home for now.

We still live in our van though. Sleeping next to the hotel and the staff accom where our colleagues live. Pretty sweeeet set up for now. Let’s see how it goes. Will keep you updated for sure.

Just two more days of work and we’ll be off Monday, Tuesday. Tonight is a first huge staff party and on Subday we have a SPA (wellness) night. Life couldn’t be more sweet.

Hope you guys are doing fine back home as well. Or wherever you might read these words.

Still can just encourage everybody to contact me via Fb for my new NZ whatsapp number for a steady-picture-and-voicemessage-flatrate.

Update done. Friends happy. Tj happy and actually exhausted, this blog upload was horrible. I love writing but Uploading,.. why always me? M. Balotelli.

With my phone dying and running out of battery I need to finish up.

One last look through the window into a cristal clear night with plenty of stars.

A good and peaceful feeling arise since we all look upon the same sky.

Love. T


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