oldie but more goldie than ever


It’s me T and J lying in my V and AN writing and up-dat-ing directly from N and Z. [Cool kids intro✌️]

I am back where I belong in blog-writing-mood. Let’s dive into a whole new blog full of,.. pain, glory and gold.

No long intro – especially no cool kids one needed – as I start with the biggest News right away.

Yesterday was my biiiiirthday and I FINALLY TURNED EIGHTEEN.

… H a h a h a 😶

Yeah, each and every year I get this joke ihihihi..

Let’s see who is laughing in the end when you old looking guys look like onions getting older and older as I still look like a peach! Statement made.

Haha. Noooo of course I didn’t turn eighteen I turned sexy and attractive twenty six (26!🙈) years old. Unbelievable eh aaaand hi whatsapp monkey.

Yes, it’s true. Twenty six.. wow that’s old hahahaha

He but I have to admit I just cried 16hours in total yesterday…

I am doing fine no worries. And ok I have to admit something else.. I still look young. I bought beer for my birthday and got ID-ed. IS THAT AN ENGLISH WORD. It is now!) I had to proof I am over 18… YES! Just 8 years.. yooo

Looking forward to get the turning 18 joke next year again. Young-as-a-Peach-look at it’s best.

Far away from home and twelve hours ahead I had a great day. I woke up and skyped my parents first thing in the morning.

Even though it was still the 17th of February in Germany my parents partied hard via Skype with me. (My birthday is on the 18th just saying and no that’s not funny because it’s the 18th as you almost feel like repeating the turning 18 expression again..) ârrete la!

Motivated by 30 degrees and a beautiful sunny day, Chris and I went for a swim at a bay and went for a lil hike -shooting some picture with my VERY LOW BATTERIED CANON EOS CAM. (At that point you might realize that I don’t really care about vocabulary. I like to make up new words every now and then I guess..)

Anyways. I had a sweet birthday wearing my NEW MJ MICHAEL JORDAN 23 CHICAGO BULLS JERSEEEEY. LOVE

Happy Birthday tj :)

Well and I bet everybody knows what happened at night time. Cheeers!


My sweet sixteen twentysixth birthday

photo 1(1)

photo 2(1)

photo 4(2)

photo 5(2)



Since I kinda admit a lot today I just admit something else.. I honestly thought a lot about my birthday this year. Not about the birthday itself more about the fact that I celebrate my birthday far away from home. Far away from most of my friends and the people I love. (Even though I am with Chris which I enjoy of course and for what I am very thankful)

BUT – friends – here I am – real talk – and too many – signs haha

I am overwhelmed and really really REALLY happy by so many lovely words. I received warm words from many different places and very different and special people.

I would like to thank each and every one who – wrote, texted, called or sang (YES..people sang for me..❤️) and made this day special for me.

I learned once more – there’s no distance for friendship, loyalty and love –

My first lesson as the 26 year old tj.














On top of the game

– 23 –

Birthday story told – check.
Love spread – check.
Made things clear about the turning 18 joke – DOUBLE CHECK.
Still listening to Backstreetboys – Totally check.
What do I get from work – Check? No – a cheque. Hahaha
Still exceptional funny – check. 😊

As I just talked about work, I would like to write some lines about my first working experience in Neusiii.

As I wrote in my last blog we started working for a construction company. Sponsored by Ke$ha’s Timber.
Well.. long story short.. We worked for a couple of days earned good money and said ‘Yoooooo ersiiii’. Até logo, servuuus and good bye.

Tj? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? 😭😭

I’ll tell you whatsapp smiley.

Because the job sucked BADASS and Chris got injured and had to stop. Our original plan was to get some money to continue our way to Queenstown. Mission accomplished. Ersiiii

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Timber Models 2015

We will leave Christchurch end of this week. Towards Queenstown. Apparently the place to be in NZ. Let’s go and have a look.

We have two job interviews already for two nice hotels. On Sunday and Monday we will be more charming than ever, trying to get us into the hotel business. Chris will be a housekeeper and I try to work as a bellman/porter again.

Will let you know how it went. Cross your fingers guys.

Time for some rest NOW. Cause today.. well HUNG and OVER from A and LC. (Hard to pronounce eh)

Scouuuuud ‘N Frudyyyy – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=d3_DjiLLDfo

That’s it for today. Thanks for your support, your love aaaand the fact that even 18.000km away – I know that my family and friends – will always have my back.

Peace. tj

photo 3(1)

Ps. I have a new NZ PHONE number. In case somebody wants to get in touch wth me via Whatsapp for example. Just give me a shout at FB or wherever.


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