Into the wild

Gooooood evening everyone from somewhere north of Auckland, New Zea and Land.

Wait. I know where we are,.. the place is called kerikeri. So hello from kerikeriii.

I just remember the name cause there is a commercial going on in German television with a similar name. “Kiri kiri kiriiii”. Cheeeeese everybody, smile! (Kiri is a cheese brand 😁) #stunning.intro.ends

With myself sitting in the front seat of our van – enjoying rain drops on the roof and owl city into my ears – I write these lines. It’s the only way to keep you guys updated since I lost my – getting free wifi spirit – somewhere on the way. I am AGAIN not able to show you …. WAIT I GOT DISTURBED BY A MOS-FUCKING-QUITO!

I was saying that I can’t show all the nice pictures we took but.. I just take it as an opportunity to focus on the spoken word, the written word actually.

It just turned 9pm over here, so it’s 9 am in Germany and even earlier at my friends in north and South America. Oii amigooos and hi team maple, eh.. hihi

It’s weird once you realize that you find yourself on the other side of the world. Half a day ahead and 18.000km away. BUT,.. and I can tell by experience (already) – it’s worth it.

Wow,.. As I look back on any first three weeks away from home. 21days filled with stories, adventures and most important.. people I gladly added onto my – hope we’ll catch up at one point again – list.

My last blog I sent to you guys from Bangkok, shortly before Chris and I left for NZ. What happened eversince,.. well there’s only one way to find out. But first,.. Let me take a MISQUITO Selfie :))) Macker Spastis ey….

If you read the last blog you might remember that I was just a liiiiiiiil bit upset about the fact that the Internet was super duper slooowooow. Well that didn’t change so far, as I am sitting here drumming on my IPhone touchpad!! Yes I write all this today with my phone.. not as usual with my sexy Asus laptop (sneak advertisement?!). THATS love right there, friends. That’s how much I love you. hahahaha kidding!

Anyways. Our last night in Bangkok was horrible. It was soooooo warm and sticky and because I was already on fire – Inet/blog/slow motion – I didn’t sleep at all. Whatever,.. I was exited to leave for NZ anyways.

We took a cab three and a half hours before our plane was scheduled to leave (the drive was suppose to be half a hour) and we ran extremely late. Like running at the airport, people jumping into our way just to stop us from arriving our airplane on time. But we did,.. in romantic – movie – slow motion.

Happy and exhausted as we boarded the most UNCOMFORTABLE airplane ever. (Short laugh about tj break – I used to pronounce comfortable (comftible) like com-FortE-AAable I really pronounce every single soluble a lot) haha nevermind.

Anyways our easy jet ( airplane was like hell for head, neck.. well actually all body parts! So another night without sleep. After eight hours at Melbourne airport and finally a bit of sleep – we took another shitty easy jet and made it to Auckland, New Zealand.

Happy end? Hahahahahahahaha,… YOU NAIV FOOLS! Story got better with each second. At 1am at night, with no sleep what so ever and no strength for anything I just wanted to jump into my bed, burring myself under Billows&Plankets (canada poem flashback:)

Friends, I am not lying when I say our Airport-Hostel was by far the most disgusting place I’ve ever been. We walked into an apartment, which looked like dressing as a “dump” for a Halloween party. ÄÄÄEEEHHH… As we walked into our room – I heard 3 fat guys snore the shit out of each other.. as if they would battle each other for the – World, let’s go on tj nerves, snoring title. Fuck. It smelled like,.. Yes, exactly.. you can imagine.

Long story short. Chris and I slept on two couches in the living room. Oooh,.. did I just wrote sleep? Haha naiv tj, naiv.

We survived somehow and now we approach the happy end part.

– Hi Auckland,

This is Chris and Tj speaking do you have a van for us by any chance?

– Hey guys,

Sure just take this rusty old travelvan to play with.

Yoooooo! We just bought a van right away! Like literally right away. We woke up, a friendly couple showed up, charming talk from team Hanssøn,.. Hi vaaaaan :)))

Life is beautiful.


From that moment on we just cruised through New Zealand. We started in Auckland and left towards the north. AAAAHHH MOSQUITOFUUUC&@@&€¥%#^^…….

Wusaaaa tj, wusaaaaa. Haha

I wish I could present more pictures,.. but there are just a few for the moment. Still plenty of love comes with it :)






We are having a good time so far. The van is running and we explore a lot, looking left and right.



I hope one day picture will follow. Pictures from Auckland, our wild van life, beautiful landscape, the jungle, cristal clear lakes, a treasure island, and the color green.


chris und tj cave 5

Treasure Island Adventure

It is green, everywhere. Gorgeous so far,.. And the proof might follow, one day.

So time to rest now. Tomorrow is another day, another chance, another adventure, and probably one, two or EIGHTY Mosquitos LESS. I am a hunter. hrhrrr

Good night I go sleep in my com-Fort-ABLE van now :)




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