Make it five

Helloouuuuuu and Hi from Bangkok, everybody!

It’s 10pm,.. no already 11pm (It was 10 when I was about to start hihi) and it’s just twenty thousand degrees in my hostel room.

Mood = Heated up…

A looong day is about to end,.. but I won’t close my eyes before catching up with you guys.

First things first,.. Chris and I made it back to Bangkok from where we left 1 1/2 weeks ago for our little Thailand-Paradise-Adventure. We woke up fairly early this morning and took a cab, a ferry, a 5hour bus and the subway to return to our hostel. Once we liked it here – today I am just feeling like a snowman in the desert. Yaaay,…

Why are we back here? Well,.. two weeks thailand are almost over. We will leave Bangkok tomorrow via Airplane towards Auckland NEW ZEA AND LAND. Tonight though we went exploring one of Bangkoks nightmarked. Spicy flavours in the air, colors everywhere and the miami heat. The air is not moving a single FU=C=)§($)§E$ bit. After the fresh air we enjoyed in Koh Chang Island, Bangkok is giving us a hard time.

Anyways,.. one more night in the djungle before the real, big adventure is about to start. We are exited and happy to climb the next step on our adventure stairs.

With this beeing said,.. I need a brake, a kitkat, a shower, 3 liter of water, bumbum icecream and canadian winter to cool down. Aaiaiiaiaia…


Ok,.. it’s still very warm in here but just googling “bum bum icecream” made me happy. So I am fine again. Thanks for your patiences. And now everybody listen to Take That – Patience. Or this one..

Ok, ok. Got ya,.. enough nonsense. You’ll get what you want. Input, pictures and romantic atmosphere. Yeah.. one comes with another, right. [ short brake ]

– The author left for another bum bum kit kat watermelon shower brake –

Back to the story. In my last blog I already gave a brief impression of Koh Chang Island, where Chris and I exstanded our stay shortly after I published the last B L O GEEE. So we stayed there I think 11 days in total,.. I could count but,.. well you guys know me and numbers.. a² + b² = headache.

Our days in Koh Chang where filled with adventures, beach & poolaction, drinks, football, sun and wonderful people. One of them, Ben, we met earlier in Bangkok. We became friends instantly and founded team electrolytes.

Some impressions from waterfalls, rumble in the djungle and as promised ROMANTIC ATHMOSPHERE :))

And right as I tried to share some of our best moments with you guys – I realize that not just the weather is fucked up,.. the internet is as well. Argh damn,.. cmon Thailand. Just a few pretty shots…


No chance,.. the first time in two years blogwriting that I am not able to upload at least a tiny bit of pictures. Well,.. shit happends. I guess it’s just a “used day”. But I will still upload these lines,.. as a piece of love from me to you. hahaha

I continue with writing at least a few more lines,.. before I try to sleep. Which is not going to happen, cause chris is just roling around complaining about the heat and the fact that he can’t sleep eighter. Hahaha,.. good times!

I was about to say, that we really enjoyed our little pre-adventure trip in Thailand. Koh Chang is a beautiful island with a few special spots. So with my crew I explored around, through water and the djungle. Waterfalls, Kanuing, hiking, surviving and so on.

I can’t show you some pictures from our trips – even though I try to upload them in my next blogattack – So for now a few lines will be enough, hopefully.
Luckily Ben created a little video from one of our trips. That’s better than nothing, eh?

Ok guys,.. I am too angry, too tired, too done with my life right now,.. that I just need to sleep. Cross your fingers,..

New Adventures ahead as our Airplane is leaving tmwr,.. no today in the evening. I give you a shout when we hit NZ when I set foot on the 5th continent since I started traveling. Make it FYYYYYHAAAAIIIVVVEEEEEE –



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