Love letter


How to start this one. Mh…

Maybe with a lovely HI FROM GERMANY!

Here we go. Say it tj, say it. Get yourself ready cause this one is emo-tio-nal!



With me turning onto the last page of my South-American-Adventure book,.. I invite you, You, YOU and the girl next door for one more ride along the BLOG-Coast. One more time I get myself back into storytelling mood when I report about my great days in braziiuuu, my going away party(s) and the time, the feeling and the emotions I experienced eversince I am back Home.

The doors open, step inside guys the show is about to start!


No. There is absoluty nooooo reason for this picture. I though maybe you’ll get into the right mood,.. EEIIII don’t knoooooow. My mind is chaos eversince I was born 423 years ago….,.,. See.. all broken.. kkkkkkk (the brazilian “hahah”)



Let’s get back in time. It’s mid of August. I just boarded my plane from Chile back to Brazil. With a crazy, unreal trip behind me I am all done. Exhausted but excited. Within my last days traveling my patience was put to THE test. And friends, I almost failed this bitch!

Don’t wanna go into detail no more,.. cause I probably get all upset and eat my laptop or whatever.. nono. Let me just say, I luckily spent one more night “sleeping” at the airport, I followed my luggage through all of brazil and just arrived in time for another attractive nightbus.

Confused? Great. Welcome to my life!

The following – my last – days I spent with some of my favourite brasilieroooos. My amigoooows Bruno from Iguacuuu and Rafa from Sao Paulo. Couldn’t have had better company for my goodbye tour.

Anyways. The very last two days I spent in Sao Paulo with Rafa. The place where SHIT GETS REAL! I had partys all over BRA and yes they were all great and nasty and drunkidrunk buuuut Sao Paulo is the partyplace to be, for sure! And yes, we did what we had to do. Two days in the row,.. of course!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 4

photo 3(1)


..the next morning, homeless. (And yes the day I left brazil…)

photo 2(1)

One more High5 with team Sao Paulo as I boarded the plane which flew me away,.. away from love, peace and huuuge memories!

Once more I have to say good bye. How many times did I say these words already? I stopped counting, I just stopped. I go. I leave. It’s always me. I meet people,.. people who share my path, guide my way. Make me feel happy. And then, I leave them. Leave them behind as If they just fill one page in my notebook and then.. Disappear.

I never leave with tears, never. I always leave with a smile. I rather think of the good times, the adventures and stories we share than being sad about the fact of leaving. I just hope my friends remember me the way I will always remember them – smilin’.

Nothing lasts forever and I think that’s the beauty about it.
You fill the book of my life with one page, one sentence or just one word? You’ll be with me forever.

Yeah, I know… sometimes.


I am home. I made it. YES!

What happened eversince I am back? Well, let’s dive in my first week speaking DEUTSCH again.

The first days I just spent with my parents. In the sheltered atmosphere of my parents house, I recovered, fought my jetlag and enjoyed every second. It didn’t take long though before I left again to move in my old apartment in my Hometown Flensburg. I am just a rolling stone, always on the go, always on the move!

I moved in again with my friend, roomate and amigooooooooooaoaoaoowowww anne and our lil CUTESTTROUBLEMAKEREVER Motte!


AAAAND Yes we are in love!

What else? Well due to my financial situation I kinda need a job RIGHT AWAY. I applied already for a few jobs and luckily I have my first job interview tomorrow. Planing to go back into the hotel business for a while. If everything works out, I will be able to continue my Journalism Job as well. Two jobs, two money, rich. (Did I tell you I am a daydreamer?!)

And one more thing,.. I AM BACK ON THE PITCH! I really missed playing football. So I am happy to be back. First game, tomorrow. Yoooooo.. Let’s get in shape! (TO BE CONTINUED!)

Life’s good at home. It’s a great feeling to see some lovely faces again. People who always make me feel home. Thanks for everybody who stills likes me after leaving all the time,.. hahaha!

Anyways. I still struggle with the feeling of staying here for a longer time. I know, that is how I feel, this is just a stop before I leave again. I am addicted to traveling, to adventures and to freedom.

It’s exiting to be back and weird at the same time. On the one hand I am happy, feeling fine. On the other hand I can’t wait to go and leave for my next adventure.

We will see how everything goes. And then I will decide how my life goes on. As always: I follow my emotions. Let’s see where they lead me this time.

photo 1(3)

A bit of braziuu already moved in.

Ok. Now. Mh..

Let me put it like this. I change the typeface to ITALIC.
People who read this blog every now and then know whats going to happen.


THIS one is for team Braziu:

Friends? My Amigoooooows? I am still speechles. Brazil was just unreal.

Family and friends keep asking me about my trip. They want to know what was the best part about it? Name me the highlights, is what the say. Highlights? Many of them come to my mind. Many. The beautiful landscape, the unique food, the world cup title at the sands of copa cabana, the drinks, the girls, the weather, the waterfalls, the ocean, dolphins, sunsets, atacama,… WHATEVER.. there is a lot.. BUT! My answer is always the same: My personal highlight of my trip to brazil and southamerica are the people.

I already met a bunch of people. Strangers, acquaintance, ok-good-people, nice people, friends, amigooows, loved onces! The people of brazil, the onces I met, are even more. I can’t describe the feeling, I can’t. I would like to but I can’t. No words of mine could describe the feeling I have for you guys. You gave me shelter. You placed me in the middle of your family. You gave me food and threated me like a brother.

I arrived as a stranger and left as a friend.
I am truly impressed. Still.

Brazil? You’re people are beautiful.

The next time I hear Black Eyed Peas’ – Where is the love? I know the answer.




With this being said,.. I am not done, no (hahaha poor guys).. I have a few more words before I finish this one, my last blog about my travels in south america. I want to say thank you to a few special people I met during my travels.

I started end of May when I left Germany towards Rio de Janeiro. I got picked up by Andreia. I met your crazy family who I liked right away and good for me they did as well. I met frachorla.. and I am almost 100% sure that I wrote his name wrong but we are homies anyways.. With team Fanelli I survived my first days in braziu, learned a bit portuguese (NAO TOCA MEU FUCKING CABALOOOO hahahah) and I drank my first cashassaaaaaa! Waauuuiii, Rio is insane and so is your family (in a really good and fanelli waaay!)

After I left for Sao Paulo, stayed with rafa for a few days, enjoyed sao Paulos wildest partys and experienced the world cup kick off. We drank, we partied, his aunt gave me a braziuu shirt, too small though (OF COURSE CAUSE I AM A MACHINE hahah) and I met lilly. Lilly is small and knuffig (cute) and she is a dog.. I miss her and rafa, his friends and all of them. But especially Lilly. Haha, Take care Brother!

Belo Horizonte, Fredschiiii and his crew was the next stop. Party, Waterfalls and my first WC Game. Wow. Exhausting days with a smile on my face. Sweet experience as I left great people behind once more.

Fortaleza/Jeriquocara (Spelling mistakes are charming). Warm. Paolo. My friend, amigowwwww. Your family is awesome, man. You know and I know it as well. A good feeling to have such a family in brazil. I’ll be back. I have to. I just have to.

Recife is blurry Jorge my friend hahaha.. Fan Fest Fan Fest Fan Fest Fan Fest, Malakas.. Crazy partys, crazy games, crazy people. I should maybe visit you once more to see something from the city, cause I just saw.. beer! But my love is yours cause you acted like a real german! Prost!

After two more weeks with my amazing World Cup Fan Fest Crew and the title :))))))

Brunooow my amiiigoooow in iguacuuuu (at the waterfalls). Amazing trip at yours. Quite wet though.. hahaha. Make sure you’ll keep up your good work and your big heart. I will call you when I need somebody to build my house. kkkkkk

I know there are so much more people I could write about. All the people I met during the world cup for example. Especially the great people from Recife (like the wild girl crew who were looking more german with all there shirts and things in their hair and colours than I did haha) or of course my World Cup Final Team I won the title with in Rio de Janeiro. The crew in Jeroquoquara I partied a lot with or my chilean friends and the people from atacama desert. There are so many, that I will have to write a book one day!

Well who know. Who knows.

Ok that’s it. My adventures in brazil and south america are over. This blog puts and end to this chapter. For now.

I am looking forward to see you guys again one day. I really do look forward to that. But for now,.. there is only one more thing to say.

I hope my friends remember me the way I will always remember them – smilin’. [tj 01/09/2014]

And yes I just quoted myself, hahaha.

Eu sou brasileroooooo amigooooows! (um pouco :)

photo 2(2)



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