One sand por favour

He friends,

it’s me, again. Ready for my next report about life, pain and success.

Todays Lesson: Making money to sand. Exchange rate 1 Money = 23 Sand.


First things first. – Recorded Interview with myself on August 10th 2014. –

Hello Tj, great that you sacrifice some of your precious time for this stupid interview with yourself. – No worries, Alfons. I am desperately looking for every bit of attention I can get. (Yes Alfons is my second name.)

So, first of all. How are you today? – Mais ou Menos, just so so. Death is looking upon me, Alfons. I am sick. I have a cold. CEE OOOOW ELLL DDDD. Time is running out…

Ohh, mr. 100% is struggeling, eh? Where are you? – In bed. Recovering from pain, tears and torture.

Where is your bed located? – In Santiago, Chi chi chi le le le. I returned to the capital yesterday after a few IMPRESSIVE days in atacama desert.

So what is the plan for now? РWell, I hope this interview ends soon, so THAT I CAN FINALLY START WRITING MY BLOG. Because I have plenty of piiiictures to buuurn, baby. Burn MotherF*)(Ҥ)= buuurn!

Nonono, that’s just rude. We have to stop this interview before… [The last words of Alfons before he burned down in flames…]




So after a short retardo part.. which main reason it was to tell everybody that I am really really reeeaaaally suffering under my cold.. aaaaaaawwww…. I set back time – to Monday 4th of August.

It’s around noon as the Airport approaches slowly. Mission: Santiago to Calama SLASH San Pedro de Atacama. I have everything I need. Bucket, Shovel and 20$ in my pocket. After this trip the author will say: Don’t got no money no more, just 20kg of sand in my pockets. Hey Macklemore! Can we go Sand Shopping?

After a pleasant two hours flight we (that’s still maria my chilianoooow friend and me, yes me… you’ll never get rid of memememeeee) arrived at Calama airport. After missing one, two or maybe 16 busoppurtunities.. we finally boarded one of those busbeautys at 10.30pm. First things first.. ZzzZzzZzzZZzz..

It took another two hours before we showed up at our hostel in the middle of San Pedro. Check in – Tent – Tired – Cold – Welcome to Atacamaaaa. (I deciced myself against hashtags today. As I always say: “A rolling stone gathers no moss” – “Wer rastet der rostet”).

As I am thinking about if I really use this saying from above..(aaaehhm…) I just continue storytelling. First day, first sun. No clouds – tj happy. After making some friends at the hostel, my first walk leads me through San Pedro downtown. Charming!

A few hours later I’ll be sitting on a bike driving – in insanely dangerous speed – through the desert de atacama. A great tour with even greater people and a happy end, in the.. wait for it…. END.

Ok one more thing before I start to show some shots I made. Beside telling you about the fact that I have a cold.. still (didn’t change so far.. hahaha) I want to be more selective with my pictures. And as the very calm and organized person I consider myself to be, there will be no problem. . .. … …. ……..

Hola Atacama Desert.







For a welcome not too bad, I guess. But Atacama wasn’t done with me yet. The days highlight at Luna Valley or something like that. Sorry friends but I am kinda bad with names. But there was a valley and a moon as well, so I think this name is just perfect. And it’s not just the name which was perfect,.. look!





Stunning! And I am exceptionally NOT talking about my hair.
(Even though I could.. look at this.. daaaamn) :F



That was day one and the second one kinda followed the next day. Somehow.. Magic, I know.

On the second day we made a tour through the desert, visting a few lakes. (Yes there are lakes.. Maaaagic, I told you!)
I don’t feel like writing too much than as you know POLAROIDS tell the story.







High5 for my Canon as the deserts sunset took my breath ones more. Little rascal!







Call me ROMANTIC but I love sunsets.
Uuhuhuhhh.. romantic, eh? OOiiii Alfons, you’re back? kkkkkkk





Magic continued when day three followed day two. After a waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too short night, I woke up at 3.30am. Getting myself ready for a trip up to over 4000 meters altitude (Nicht Alditüte, sondern Höhe!). Final destination this times: Atacama geysers.

May I present the new “Onion look de Atacama 2014”. Many layers tried to protect me from freezing and they failed soo badly. I was shivering cold as I almost could touch the sky. But of course I risked to freeze my hands to death (without gloves at minus 10 degrees) taking pictures for my beloved friends.





After the sunrise it sloooowly got warmer. I warmed myself at some hot springs and got more undressed with each and every hour. My hands survived and all the other parts of my body as well. It was close though but at least I had proper shoes.
C H U C K S :)









Yoooooo. Was alrightISH. But this day had one more surprise for me, myself, alfons and I.
For the sunset I took my canon, LES MISERABLE and myself for a walk. And by saying a walk, I mean a marathon. With the sunset approaching slowly I made my way to find a lovely spot for a nice little attractive sunset picture.

In a quite far (but for me as a sportive guy with incrediable hair.. I CAN’T STOP IT SORRYYYY) still walkable distance I found the spot I was looking for. Dunes.

With me walking through the endless desert the sun got ready for it’s final sprint. So did I. I ran for at least twenty minutes to arrive my final destination before the sun sets. And I arrived in time.

23 seconds later…


And that was not all. I enjoyed this moment so much. Just me, mellow tunes in the background and endless beauty…









After the sunset I kinda felt like: “Yoooo, tj you better go home.. it’s getting dark and cold soon and you left without youre weather resistant SUPER CHUCKS.”

Well I returned at some point to the hostel after I LOST MYSELF LIKE I NEVER DID BEFORE. I was walking, running, haunting through the desert without a clue where I was. So it took over two hours for me to return after I desperatly stopped a car somewhere in the middle of NOWHERE. The lovely chilean showcase family (Dad driving, Mum next to him, three kids in the back) helped me, safed my life and drove me home, more or less. They left me somewhere downtown where I lost myself again before I SOMEHOW ended up where I belong. Yes, a true and typical TJ. Statement, done. Footprint left, literally. Time to leave.

Pain is temporary – Pride is forever.
Pictures are forever as well.. ääätsch

With this last Adventure and this striking quotation I’ll quit my writing career for today. Thanks to mariaaaa for “organizing” this trip.. Haha! :)

– It was a pleasure mr. and mrs. Atacama. You with you’re dryness, seven buckets of sand and last but not least your unique beauty.

I say goodbye from Chile for now. Thursday I will find my way back to Braziuu (yaay!) and Germany is coming closer as well. I am looking forward, friends. And I know one thing, I WON’T SPENT ONE MORE NIGHT SLEEPING AT THE AIRPORT….




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  1. Well at least your hair STILL looks amazing while spending the night at the airport :p

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