The day I became World Champion

Dear Diary,

today I became World Champion.

Good night, Diary.

Ten words heavy, historical and emotional.. like the moment when Pr. Elm / Prof. Eich gives you your first Shiggy (Nonono.. I won’t disuss about that..)

It has been a week now, eversince WE became World Champion. I needed some time to realize what actually happened back at the sand of Copa Cabana on July 13th but now I am ready to talk.. ready to rewind historical moments.. ready to report about THE day of my life.

I ended my last blog with the following sentence – “I’ll bring it Home. Promise!”

And as promised – HERE WE ARE!

photo 5(2)


Let’s go back to Sunday 13th of July. It’s early morning. I wake up, it’s around 8 o’clock – nervous. First things first. Dresscode: Jersey!
Today is the day we keep in mind as the day we added our FORTH STAR to our Jersey, Is what I keep telling myself. Over and Over again. Today is OUR day!



With incredible hair, jersey dressed and tons of energy we hit the subway to Rios FIFA FAN FEST. Unfortunatly we took the wrong one I guess cause we kinda ended up in BUENOS AIRES?!?! Argentinos EVERYWHERE! Team Germany – except me – was smarter or more lucky.. they took the subway the other direction. Something with Maracanã. Who can – can… (I don’t know if that’s a world known saying… but in German we say: Wer kann, der kann! Moin!)

Poor me – literally! But no problem for mr ICANHAVEFUNWITHOUTALCOHOL…! Who needs to go to the famous maracanã when you can go to little Argentina/FIFA FAN FEST RIO. Friends it was craaaaaazy. 85% Argentinos at least. Let’s say 10% incognito fans and maaaaybe 5% Germans.

92% supporting Argentina and the other 23% supporting Germany. Yes. Math. Well.. Who can – can!




There we go. That’s where we build or little germany. In the middle of the Fan Fest, surrounded by 4,9 Mio Argentinos, at least. At the beginning it was quiiiite peaceful and my hair still.. delicous!



We – that’s my great international crew and a few germans we added – stand our ground. We sing, we yell, we are proud. Coloured in BLACKREDYELLOW! Kick off: VAI VAI VAIII ALEMAHNAAA!!!!



Yeeeees! Game on! World Cup Final! Can’t get better… We have a great time. We support our colours! We support our team. We sing – more or less in german – cause I teached my non-german friends at least “DEUTSCHLAND.. DEUTSCHLAND.. DEuts…” yeah you know how it goes.

Anyways team Gaucho was more against us than supporting Messi and Co. I don’t know how you feel about that but I rather support my own team instead of wasting energy talking bullshit about other teams. And that was excatly what Team Argentina did. They kinda acted stupid and aggresive.. so we decided to move a bit out of Buenos Aires into a safer Zone. Oh yeah, by the way: Halftime – 0:0.


Surrounded by my friends, my little fan-family, I felt great. The game was a nailbiter, A NAIL BITER AARRGHH. I crossed my fingers and it almost broke them BUT as the optimistic person I consider myself to be – I stayed positiv. I knew at one point we will score. I just knew it.

Beside my finger breaking praying there was only one more thing to do – SINGING! AND WE SANG LIKE BIRDS. Not as beautiful but at least as annoying! Still no goals in 90minutes as my heart started singing: HEART ATTACK by Demi Lovato!






The following 9 1/2 minutes were by far the longest I’ve ever experienced.
I was S P E E C H L E S S

Waiting for the final whistle which was just a moment away.
A moment I waited my entire trip.. maybe my entire life for. I don’t know. I went through a crazy world cup with this, my team. I supported. I sang. I drank. I met Fans and made Friends.

This World Cup was MY World Cup. I left Germany with a dream and at this moment it was so close to become reality. Sooooo close. I was not counting stars, I counted seconds.

Friends having my back. Beeing by my side. Almost holding hands #nohomo.

And then it happened. Nothing special just a short sound of 1,5 seconds. Over. The Game is over. That’s it. Tj? You and your friends just became
W O R L D C H A M P I O N S !







I still can’t believe it. It’s unreal. I was there when it happened. History was written and it feels like I wrote at least one word myself. HASHTAG HAPPIESTPERSONALIVE

By the way: My Jersey with all this history and all my sweat which has been with me through all these crazy games and situations will be sold to the highest bid on


My Jersey will go to my first born son (maybe daughter but pretty sure it’s a son..) Anyways. THIS KID WILL WEAR IT FROM HIS/HER I mean HIS FIRST DAY ON THIS PLANET.. hahahah


The game was over – but the real game just started. After.. well.. let me put it like this. WE BURNED DOWN THE CITY… RIO IS GONE SORRY! IT’S JUST GONE. GERMANY WORLD CHAMPION 2014 – that sounds soooooo GOOOD!!!


photo 1

photo 2

photo 5




You all have been so amazing. Seriously. I will always remember this day, this night and you will always be a part of it. Thanks to all of you! WOW!!!

And one more thing before I move on. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BEAUTY!!! <3



photo 3(1)


And I have something else to say before I end this STORY! Not only my jersey was with me all the time.. my GOPRO was as well.. So I will have a look if there is some nice stuff on it (YES THERE IS FOR SURE) and then I’ll make a short movie from it called: “Don’t cry for me ARGENTINAAAAA” AHahahaha



photo 1(3)


With this beeing said..

Sorry, Tj.. what? I wasn’t paying attention, can you repeat?

Of course EGO, my friend.

WORLD CHAMPION Ahahahahahahaha!!!! :))))

Ok ‘nough. Seriously. There is a life outside of Football. It’s small and nobody actually cares but ok.


I moved on.


T and J – World and Champion.



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