Bring ’em Home

Oooii Amigooos.

Time has come. Time to get you people UPDATED about the craziest shit happening in my life lately.

Buuut where to start? Many things happened since I last wrote from Jeri(coquara?! Didn’t look up the name this time.. so I am almost 8million percent sure I spelled it wrong :)). Most amazing and still unreal thing coming to my mind since then.. 7

But first things first. Rewiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind.

Nooo wait. Fuck it. NO REWIND THIS TIME. I still can’t believe things happened on tuesday night in Belo Horizonte. In a highly attractive way of course. It was insane. IT WAS IN-FUCKING-SAAAANE! With me beeing inside of Rio Fan Fest sharing the sand of copa cabana with 10.023 brazilians I saw one of greatest football matches of all time! Friends, I was there when it happend, I was there – when History was written.


Rio Fan Fest coloured in Yellow. Just A few spots with white sometimes green or red/black jerseys. Trapped inbetween the yellow wall of Team Brazil, we are proud. We sing our anthem with people boouuuuuuhiiing us. We don’t care. We are proud. We are germans and we are outnumbered TWOHUNDREDEIGHTYFOUR to ONE.

The game starts. I am hyper activiooooo. Running around like a maniac between some germans I just met and my crew I am spending the day with. Friends who are most likely supporting Brazil. I am fine with that. EX-FRIENDS,…

We score. I lose it. Jumping, yelling, screaming. For a second a friends speech is coming to my mind. “Tj don’t show too many emotions, you will get killed!” Yeah thought about it.. and yes you are right.. I have… to.. AHH FUCK YOU!!! GERMANYYYYY!! ALEMAHNAAA!! AAAAHHHH!!

Stopping myself from beeing emotional. Won’t happen! I can’t..

Anyways. 1:0. Tj happy. Then I turned around for a sec and the score went up to 5:0. UNREAL! UNREAL! UNREAL! HIT ME! I MUST BE DREAMING!

Calma Calma is what I tell myself. I try but fail..

Halftime. 10.023 minus 4.000 GOODWEATHERFANS later and I am still shocked.

Can’t remember the second half at all.. I was still working on the first one.. FINAL WHISTLE. RAIN IN RIO. I LOSE IT AGAIN. ALEMAHNA!!!! Happiest person in Rio! Invincible!

Sorry Brazil, Sorry World but that was a fucking STATEMENT!

The best day of my life, so far. Till Sunday!!

I’ll bring ’em home.

photo 5

Got beaten up after the 7:1 win!!!


With this short ‘going nuts’ part.. I am shipping back to more calm waters. A lil rewind of what happened since I left Jeri (I am so smart) Fortaleza and my friend Paoloooo.

One thing I have to, no I want to tell you because it’s so special to me is about the last day I stayed with Paolos family. You remember Paolo is a friend I met in New York City beginning this year. I was about to take a bus to my next destination (Recife) when the whole family met up in the living room. Holding hands, praying. For the family, for me, for health, happiness and peace. It was one of the most emotional situations I’ve experienced during my travels. I will never forget.. and I am more than grateful that I met paolo and his great family, obrigado!

photo 1(2)

photo 2(1)

The best thing about traveling – You make true friends.

I left Fortaleza with another beauftiful brazilian night bus. So I waited for the bus, expecting nothing else than me listening to music, relaxing, sleeping. AND then all of the sudden.. A GREECE GUY! A guy I met in Jeriiioiiooio (insane name). He was just standing there, waiting for the same bus. Yooooo.. DESTINYYYY!

SO I made my way to Recife (12hours) .. with my greece MALAKA friend Yiorgos by my side. Yaaaay, lucky me.

After arriving I met my new Couchsurfhost Jorge. He was on time at the busstation, so I was sure we will be best friends! We went home and I met Bart (SIMPSON! ISN’T THAT INSANELY FUNNY?!?!..:……) a guy from belgium. After not enough sleep and with the clock at 10am we started with the first beer and Cacha├ža!!! That’s what I call a welcome! Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooioooooo!

Unfortunatly I just stayed in Recife for three nights.. NOT ENOUGH TIME for a great place and even greater people! I spent all three days at the fan fest, with looooooads of beer (One euro for almost half a liter, mooooin!). I met many people, made some friends, I guess. Especially Jorge, this guy…..


Great people ahead…





After a blurry time in Recife.. (and a really weird way of organising my pictures..) I left for RIO once more. A beautiful 3 hours flight brought us back together. Looooooove!

Eversince I kinda do what I have to do – enjoooooy!

During the Copa do mundo games I am always at the fan fest! I found a great crew I spent my time with. Oh yeah and I am staying with Team Fanelliiiii again. Everything is perfect! I am so happy, glad (I wrote glat(t) first.. haha that’s german for slippery…weird) and thanksful. Life couldn’t be better right now. 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Sunday is the big day. Sunday we are going to play the final. I left germany with a dream. I want this title soooooo much!!! I will sing, I will cheer and I won’t control my emotions.. even if there are 10.000 argentinos and just 23 germans! Brazil is on our side I know it. We will win this cup for US and for them as well! Revenge!! Vaii Vaii Vaii Alemahnaaaaa :))

Let’s bring it Home.


photo 3(1)


Before I’ll start with my last story for today I will give you a lil update about my further plans. With me leaving germany 1 1/2 month ago I told everybody I’ll be back when I am running out of money.. and this bitch is coming closer….. fuck!

Anyways there are still some gold coins left. I will leave Rio, WITH THE CUP IN MY LUGGAGE, on Monday eve. I will take a bus to Joinville (south of Brazil) to catch up with a friend I met in Banff, Canada early 2014. With her I’ll leave for a short trip to Florianopolis. Looking forward :)

After I will go to Iguazu falls. Everbody I met told me Iguazu is the place to be. So I – be.
From there I take a flight to Santiagooo, Chi chi chi le le le. Meeting another friend. Atacama desert….. and Santiago is on my list. Fuck yeah! Well and after my safe will be empty… I will probably stop by at Sao Paulo again and then somehow try to hitchhike home.. hahaha

Well.. maybe I somehow get a cheap flight, cause I don’t have one yet. We will seeeeee. Go with the flow, right? :)


As promised one more lil story before I leave to start writing again… Today I am in big writing mood. First my blog and after another article for Germany!!
Did you realize I changed the order. Before I usually wrote my newspaper articles first. Not anymore. I am in blogwriting business again!

Anyways. Yesterday. My crew and me watching Holland vs. Argentina at the Fan Fest. “HOLLANDA HOLLANDA!!!”

We all know the fucked up result, so yeah. It’s Argentina who’s getting there asses whipped on Sunday. Fine! But let me tell you. Argentiniens are the worst winner ever! You won, fine. You celebrate, fine. You show no respect, SHAME ON YOU! A very few gauchos were nice. We talked, good luck.. good game! Yeah nice, that’s how we role in RESPECT CITY!

Seems like not many of those Argentinos live there. It’s embarrasing to see.. anyways.. you’ll pay on Sunday! :)

– After we left the Fan Fest, for food and drinks. And more drinks.. we somehow ended up buying a street football. BEST DECISION OF OUR LIFES. We drunk played and kicked the ball like 7 year old schoolgirls when all of the sudden TEAM Argentina showed up.

“Wanna play?” … haha, PRE FINAL OR WHAT?? Game on!

OUR TEAN: My good old friend Rob from Australia (29 I think but looks and moves like 48, retired after the game..), Juan and Christian from Colombia. Juan great skill like alexis sanchez, fast and almost deadly in front of the net and christian who never played football in his life I guess.. A solid defender, always on my side and truly the hero of the day. We had Bertrand a frenchie.. like franck ribery. Not really because of his skill more the look…(haha juuuust kidding). And yeah two germans. Christoph our goalkeeper who played like a mix of Neuer and Kahn or Netzer and Delling. Not sure. Great effort for sure. And yes myself #23. With me wearing my Franz Beckenbauer Memorial pants.. I made a solid general.. hahah


Friends, we fucking beat the shit out of Team Argentinia. THAT’s a sign. The title has to go to Germany. LET’S Make it Happen. I can’t wait for Sunday. I’ll be there. Inbetween of 10.000 people. Many Argentinos and a few Germans. I will be singing. I will be cheering. I will be there. Where magic will happen and HISTORY WILL BE WRITTEN.

I’ll bring it Home. Promise!




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