– And here, poor fool, I stand once more. No wiser than I was before. –

Why to start with this quote of no less than J. W. v. Goethe? That’s a good question. And the even better answer follows right ahead.

I am in german poetic writing mood I guess. Because today is the day: I started to write my first arcticle – about the World Cup here in Brazil – to publish in a german newspaper. A great opportunity for me and the chance to show people back in Home whats really going on over here – 10.000km away.

The World Cup is about to start.. Tminus four days.

This Thursday my first footprint of typewriting, creativity and charme will be published. Stay tuned German Civilisation. Somebody is going to open your eyes ..

photo 2


So far so good. Back to my own story. The story of my life.

I can’t really remember the last time I was unable to feed you with the newest gossip of my life because I was too busy. Usually I deliver within one week. The Last blog is dated from June 1st. Shame on me: Eight days from now. But as I try to say I was quite busy the last days.

First of all I left Rio de Janeiro after almost two fantastic weeks. Thanks again to Team Fanelli. Or should I say Faneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Lovely people! A short look back into the last Adventure I had before I left..

With the Partyweekend still in my bones I had one last appointment with rios beautiful nature. After yet another suicide busride andréia and me left the civilisation for the rio forest. Without any plans we started hiking a brandnew – builded just for us NOBODYISHERE – trail towards heaven.

It took us awhile. And by saying awhile I mean ages. Like in Age of Empires. No that’s just stupid.. but I wouldn’t mind a round now.. Wululuuuw.

Äääää.. yes. It took us a long time to get to a point where we had to stop. We just stopped and didn’t went further (even though we didn’t reach our final destination yet). Well.. what would have you done…







On top of Rio we had a fantastic view. Only problem somebody ordered clouds. Many of them. But the feeling to be soooooo high that you are walking through deep flying clouds is weird, crazy and cloudtastico! Some more impressions. Yes? No? Doesn’t matter I’ll show you anyways!












The decission to turn around after this ok-good-view was actually a good one. With every single step out of the jungle the Rio sun decided to go to sleep. But that was not our only problem all of the sudden (YES OF COURSE ALL OF THE SUDDEN.. NO CLOUDS… MAYBE A FEW… OK A LOT… NO SURPRISE!!!) it started to rain. And no not like in pipi-a-lil-bit.. NO WATERFALLS SHUT D’EAU MUITO MUITO AQUA!!!!

Long story short. Wet, darkish but alive. And I got sick the next day. Awwwww… poor tj.. yes: And here, poor fool, I stand once more. Not as healthy as I was the day before.

Shortly after I left Rio with almost the same stuff I arrived two weeks ealier plus three little SEXY TICKETS!!!!!!



And then I made my way to São Paulo with yet another bus. Canadafriends/followers know that I am kinda used to travel with the bus. I almost called the greyhoundbus my second Home, even though I never really liked the comfort. Which comfort some people might think. True but comfort is semiiiii. Anyhow. This time I took my first brazilian longdistance bomber and HELLOOOO.. awesome! Super duper comfort and space to infinity. Really nice. More more more…

São Paulo itself said Oi with rain and chaos. There was a huge subway strike and yes tj – that’s me. Hellooooo :) – inbetween. Lucky again for me. My couchsurfhost Rafa and his friend Viktor picked me up. With them I carried my backpack for another hour through SP till we somehow made it to his place. To reward myself for this incrediable performance I ate a brazilian Hot Dog. Yes those thing I used to eat a lot over the border in Denmark.

Hot Dog: They don’t just look different, no they taste different. Wooooow.. surprises after surprises in tj’s surprise box today.

Whaaaatever. I didn’t really made it to São Paulo downtown so far because of the strike but I used my givin’ time to explore a bit in the suburb of SP. Pictures all inclusive. (While walking with Rafa It was the first time I walked around with my camera visible. I missed that!) It’s still dangerous to walk around with valuable stuff. Thiefs are everywhere.. Maybe I am thief as well. A thief who stole the stars from the sky to put them into your eyes… PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE hahahahahahaha

Pictures: pronto!























And then I saw him. My best friend on earth from now on. Mogli the papagaio. Blurry like hell but I was so nervoouuuus.. ihih Moooogliiiiiiii



Mogli and me we say good bye for now. Today we have an appointment with waterfalls. We are looking forward. And one promise: The next shout will be in less then 7 days!

(Wait, does this remind just me of a horror movie????? OOOOOooooookaaaaayyyy….)

Talk to you soon friends.

And here, poor tjão, stands once more. Next’s adventure ahead, for sure!



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  1. Haha TJ stop being so funny!! :)

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