Braaazil.. dededededeee


No time to waste as I say “Oi” to everybody following me through my next adventure: Braaaziiiil.. nananananananan

Who the hell had this idea? Braziiiiiil?

Where am I? Jungle? Django? hää? Ok stop. REWIND

It’s exactly the 23rd of July last year. Time, about 7.23 PI EM. I am thinking about myself. I am in Canada – having the time of my life. Ok cool. But what to do after? Mh.. there is a World Cup at some point in the future. Yeah.. whatever.

Exactly the 23rd of January. It’s cold. Minus 23°. It’s not cold for me because I am wearing my summer leather jacket and chucks. I am a true canadian, yes. Anyways. I am thinking about whats happening after. I feel like there was something. Back in my mind… Oh yeah the World Cup. Whatever.

On the point: 12th of March (probably around 23 minutes past 23 O´clock. I hope I annoy you already, friends:p ) I booked a flight. A flight to Rio, Brazil. I was not even Home yet. I was still in Toronto enjoying my time.

But World Cup, in Brazil. C’mon that’s a challenge. The World Cup kinda said: “Yooo tj, I bet you’ll never make it to brazil. Never. Ätsch Ätsch..” – Well, in your face SEPP BLATTERLI.

Here I am. Rio, Brazil. (8:54:23.) AY EM – and my hair looks good.


What to do, what to say. First of all. Hi and Welcome again on my Beee Elllll Ooooowww Gggeeeee. Or just BLOG (for the uncool kids.)

I’ll open my treasure chest once more to show whats happening in my world. What’s happening in Brazil. Before, during and after the World Cup. Like I did while I traveled Canada, I will give a deep view into my inner crazy weird chaoslike world. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Let’s get this party started.

After seven weeks in my beaufiul hometown, spending time with the greatest people of them all, I – be aware.. that ones gonna hurt – left again. I had a fantastic time beeing back home, the people I spent most of my time with know how much I enjoyed it. Thanks again :*

But time is flying by and the day came. The day I left my Hometown once again.

In a wild ride from Flensburg to Hamburg with a huuuuuuuuuge traffic jam (No I am not talking about Marmelade) the adventure started before the adventure even started. Uuuf.. heavy breakfastcereals.

In Hamburg I had a cute little candlelightdinner with a friend of mine… and his girlfriend. hahaha

After another heartbreaking goodbye I took the bus, no greyhound this time – but same comfort. Heaven. After a few hours.. sleeping, reading.. talking.. phonecharging, I arrived in Frankfurt around 11pm. I hopped in a sub and made my way to the airport. 11.30pm.


photo 1

Time to sleep. Frankfurts airport is no greyhound bus but same comfort… After two or maybe three.. well, let’s say five MINUTES of sleep I started waiting. Aaaand I waited. Aaaaand waited.. and then finally – I waited even longer. Till at somepoint I boarded my plane. Yaaay.. Frankfurt to Salvador. Salva..what? Salvador.

Arriving in Salvador ten hours later I felt like PIKACHUS THUNDERBOLT is back. Paauuu.. LOVE IS IN THE AIR.. but the air is not mooving because it’s toooo warm…

The reason why I survived – El tigerentoss

el ento del tigres

First shots out of the plane.



After another two hours of waiting in Salvador I boared my last plane for today and made my way to Rio. It was late that day for brazilian time already (around 9.30pm) as I arrived so it was even worse in german time (+5h). I was so sleepy that I needed eight cups of coffee to survive. Unfortunatly I don’t drink coffee, so I stayed sleepy.

As the lucky person I still am – I got picked up from the airport from my couchsurf host Andréia and yes I checked facebook to write her name correctly. With one more bus and a cab we finally made it to her place, which she shares with her mother, her brother and a cat (named after the brazilian Silvester (ihr wisst schon diese schwarz weiße Katze mit Tweety und so)) called Frajola. Great nice lovely people and cat.

I feel asleep QUIIIIITE fast and yes. Rio.. wow.. here I am.. ZzZzzZzzZzzzzZZzzzz

As I woke up..





After breakfast Andréia took me on my first walk in Rio. Well, after we drove with the subway for I don’t know half an hour or so. Lifestyle upside down. In the subway: musicians.. violin and drums. Wooow, goosebumps alias Gänsehautreibend…

Anyways. We walked trough the city and ended up at Ipanema beach. Lovely. Andréia told me to be careful taking picture around here but the temptation was bigger. Of course it was… Look!








And we moved on..










cheeky shoes oder auch freche treter inclusive.




Introducing Andréia.. and me, if you don’t know me, the author. The brain, the look.. hahaha



Afterwards we went further and lost ourselves more or less. But this is how we explores. This is how we role, yes!





A long but great first day in Rio. And many will follow. For now it’s enough. I surely could tell some differents right away.. but I will wait to let myself settle a bit in this new environment. There is more to see out there.. let’s go and get it. (Gotta catch ’em all..)

tj impanema



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