The last chapter

Here I am, back where I belong.

A place built out of Wind and water.

Germany, north.

This is it. The final chapter. The last words I send to you.

I am back and it feels incredible. I enjoy every single moment with my beloved family and friends – I haven’t seen for over one year.

A final look back.


Friday, 28th of march. My bags are packed I am ready to go, I am standing here outside your door…

The feelin’ I had as I saw the Toronto Airport appearing. Happy. It was about time to leave. I was exited of course and ready for my last canadian steps. A few strong hugs later – I was ALONE again. Just the Airport and me.

I was alone like so many times before traveling through Canada. A good, NO… a special feeling.

photo 2

One last smile as I left Canada.

photo 4


With Canada in my back I felt relieved. Looking forward…

I made my way. Canada – Iceland – Denmark – Germany.


The feeling arriving in Hamburg. Impossible for me to convert into words and letters. It just happened. Somehow I was back.

The person I saw first, was the person I saw last when I left one year ago. One of my best friends. He was late as expected and I was SOOO happy to see him. So was he. Pau. Back. HEAVEN.

I think it took us a while to understand that this was reality. Many times he looked at me, saying – I can’t believe you are back. And I couldn’t understand this moment eigther.

As we drove towards my hometown I realized that Germany didn’t change. NOT AT ALL. Almost everything is the same. Except each gas station changed it’s name. EVERY SINGLE ONE! Bitches..

Late that afternoon we arrived at the place where my parents live. They expected me for Monday evening. The day when I arrived – Saturday!

When I knocked on the door I was excited. Almost shaking.

I will see my parents in a few more seconds
– is what I reapeted in my head over and over again.

And then the moment arrived. The moment I waited for so long. My dad opened the door and froze right away.

As I asked him: “He.. do you have a spare couch for tonight?

It took him a few seconds to respond… SHOCKED! As I walked in to give him a huge hug. My mum stood just a few meters behind him. And she was even more shocked. Hahahah


Well I think each and every one of you can imagine what happened after.

It’s a good thing to be happy.


Eversince I saw plenty of good old friends. I walked through my Hometown and realised how beautiful this place is. And that it’s good to be back.

I am happy, friends. I really am. Can’t describe the feeling inside beeing surrounded by people I love.


..and little troubeshooters I love as well.



My further plans. I am going to move in with my former roommate which is just GREAT. I visited her and we had breakfast. threeandahalf minutes later I had my old key back. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

And I will work for my former newspaper job as well. Sportsjournalism here we go again.

Everything is great and I don’t know how I deserve all this but let me tell you – I am more than happy.

BUT I will do all this just for a few weeks. Before I’ll take the next plane to leave again. PIKACHUS THUNDERSTORM IS BACK!



That’s it. My Adventure Canada 2013/2014 is over. And everybody who talked to me – if canadian, german, animal, pokemon or HEIKOWESTERMAN, knows that I really appreciate the time I spent abroad.

I appreciate the people I met and the opportunities that opened for me. I never enjoyed my life more.

When people ask me if I changed. I always answer. “I think my personality didn’t change. I am still the same. I am still crazy and weird and sometimes lovely and smart. BUT I added some abilities to my personality. I grew.. at least a bit.”

And all this wouldn’t have been possible without people, friends and the support I experienced during my last year.


And here we are. The part were I say Thank you. The part were I open up, even more.

Friends, I can’t express my feeling for each and every one who supported me and had my back as I left so many of you behind. I learned who is a real friend and I learned who is not. And I am happy to say that I added way more people to my REAL friend list than expected even though I lost a few on the way.

To the people I met during this last year. I am impressed and speechless. It’s incredible how many good people are in this world and how much love people can offer. I am really deeply impressed. I know one thank you can’t be enough to return what you offered me BUT I know I will see a few of you guys again and let me tell you – The next twentythree beers are on me!

Last but not least – my family. They always had my back. ALWAYS! They never let me down. They never did and they never will.

No words on this planed can describe what I feel for you. Me as an only child.. I know it was not easy for you, especially for my mama. BUT I promised I’ll be back. And here I am.

Back where I belong.


When I said I lost some friends on the way, I meant that the relationship turned out to be something else from what I expected.
But unfortunatly I literally lost somebody – I had a unique and special relationship with.

I am sad that I was not around when you took your last breath. But I know that you guard my way from up above.

I am sure there are Windows In Heaven.


That’s it. My final Chapter.
Over 360 days of Adventure and Friendship. Of Love and Peace.

Thanks to everybody who made this time unique. To everybody who had my back. TO over 10.000views on my blog and To everybody who is and ever will be part of my ADVENTURE IN CANADA.

With a small little tear and a big smile,


– From where he belongs. Home.


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