cnt th dwn

Count the down my friends!

I can see light at the end of the tunnel as I am one step away from boarding my plane. I CAN’T WAIT!

There was one question I answered probably 248 times this – my final – week in Canada.

Tj – how do you feel about going home? Are you sad of leaving Canada?

I am not! Pauu.. A statement heavy like Pikachus Thunderbolt!

Why should I be sad? Why? – I had the great oppurtinuty of spending one breathtaking year in probably one of the most beautiful countrys on this planet. I rather smile and be happy about my time here than be sad about leaving. Even though – Canada baby, I am coming back.

And to be honest – one year is a looooong time. Especially if you don’t see your parents, family, best friends, soccerbuddys, alcoholicaddictedfriends (haha) and your beautiful hometown. I am happy to go home.

And Yes I will leave Canada with a smile.


With that beeing said, let me show you what I did in my last days breathing canadian freedom.

First priority – Surviving! Canada is still super coooold. Winter won’t let go and I – as the naive schoolboy I sometimes am – thought summer is coming. HASTAG IN YOUR FACE


Whenever I was brave enough to leave the house, wearing my personel WINTERCOLLECTION2014 – consisting of Chucks, Sweater and scarf – I enjoyed time with friends and fam.

First things first – I finally played soccer again. Wow.. I really fucked it up. After 11 month of ääähm.. partying, beering and not sportsdoing my shape is……. still attractive but unfortunately useless on the pitch! Haha.. Anyways was fun to be back.

Since then I am in a bootcamp. I try to get back in shape as quick as possible due to my Football responsibility back home. Yaaay.

photo 4(1)

photo 2

photo 4

Jouuuu.. I got nutmeged (GETUNNELT!) from my lil cousin.. hahaha


And because I am almost a real canadian I played some icehockey as well, wearing my Leafs Jersey. I actually played as if I would play for the leafs.. WHICH IS NOT A GOOD THING!


photo 4(2)



photo 3(1)



I guess that was way too much sport all of the sudden! So I left my sportsbag at home and went to the BMO-FIELD to watch the TFC opening game against DC United. With a few friends I had a few beers. (“A few” is the under 18 version!) We watched a slow but intense soccer game and when our black pearl JERMAIN DEFOE scored our 1:0 winner goal we literally exploded! #catchusifyoucan

photo 5(1)


photo 3


So far so good. No time to waste before I’ll board the plane to find my way home – from Canada over Island and Denmark back to Germany.

This is not the end yet – Stay tuned!


See you on Monday,



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