Yesterday, as I looked at the CN Tower and the Skyline of Toronto I thought about a picture I took almost one year ago.

A shot in black & white.

I open my treasure chest with my favourite b/w shots as I show how colourful colourless pictures are.

toronto yesterday zish (1280x864)Toronto, March 2014.

toronto (1280x853)

Toronto, April 2013.


Inspired by this shot,.. the following pictures I took during my travels through Canada and the USA in 2013 and 2014.



60 (1280x1131)

20130817_162721-1024x532 (1024x532)

bungsberg (1280x853)

byc (1280x853)

c39f-1024x683 (1024x683)

empress (1280x892)

img_0006-1024x683 (1024x683)


img_0157-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_0250-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_0295-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_0337-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_0397-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_0755-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_0837-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_0857-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_1084-1024x683 (1024x683)


img_2198-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_2685-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_2830-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_3076-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_3471-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_3946-800x533 (800x533)

img_4062-800x533 (800x533)

img_4097-800x533 (800x533)

img_4154-800x533 (800x533)

img_4710-1024x683 (784x683)

img_5186-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_5227-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_5428 (1280x853)

img_5777-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_5828-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_5862-1280x853 (1280x853)

IMG_6037 (1280x853) (1187x765)

img_6070-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_6271-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_6337-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_6353-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_6512-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_6534-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_6598-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_6739-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_6747-1280x853 (1280x853)

img_6769-1280x868 (1280x868)


img_6972-800x533 (800x533)

img_7384-800x533 (800x533)

img_7407-800x533 (800x533)

img_7494-800x533 (800x533)

img_7669-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_8214-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_8348-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_8564-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_8614-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_8618-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_8636-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_8697-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_9123-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_9372-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_9855-1024x683 (1024x683)

king (1280x853)

moin-in-farbe (1280x853)

ne (853x1280)

raft (1280x853)

schkl-533x800 (533x800)

shh-pau (1280x853)


wegca (853x1280)

wu (1280x1080)

sponsored by Canon EOS.

Have a good one. T/J


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