Inspired by some graffiti – my pencil took over once again


Press Play

Here I am, looking like an Amercian Idiot who is sitting on Stairways to Heaven.

I still remember when you asked for The Reason why I Run This Town. You yelled Wake up as you left me in Pieces.

But it was you who knew – I was Alive, full of Honey and Bees – that I had enough of Chasing Cars and Swing Life Away.

I said I will follow the Call of Beauty and no SevenNationArmy can stop me.

I left the Black Parade, Barfus.

Knowing only one thing for sure – I don’t know anything. My Life Be Like… questionmark.



I heard Heaven is a Halfpipe. And when one day the final Curtain Falls. I’ll be prepared.

My skateboard still blank and marked with Youth – will be full of Graffiti when I drop in for my last 182.

I know – it will be OK. One Day – when I stop pressing play.

Sponsored by: Greenday, Led Zeppelin, Hoobastank, Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Backstreet Boys, Chase and Status, Owl City, Snow Patrol, Rise Against, Kim, The White Stripes, My Chemical Romance, Clueso, Grits, Breathe Carolina, OPM, Blue, Daugther, Chris Brown, Blink 182 and Asaf Avidan.


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  1. Those are some pretty good words!

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