Hello and Moin –

And moin and good bye.

Yes, it’s time to say good bye again. I am leaving Whistler and it’s more or less lovely people (uuuh sidekick).

Short HIGH5 with the worlds most comfortable sevenheavengreyhoundbus, before I’ll catch another rideshare towards my final destination – BANFF. A name like chocolate.


Final Destination III by the way. Three, because I am going to fullfill the BANFF-HATTRICK when I arrive on monday night.
After I scored once on my way towards the westcoast, when I left Toronto and stayed my first time in Banff and a second time when I stayed only for one night, causing as much trouble as in 7 weeks before.
The wild years of T. from G. – available in the bookstore of your trust.

Banff make me BAFF again!
(Baff is a german expression of beeing speechless or just WOW, HEAVY SHIT! Beside that, there is a german television show called TAFF which has ABSOLUTLY NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS TOPIC)

IMG_3362 (496x640)


Oooookay.. No unfunny things anymore, promise. Back to topic.

I leave Whistler with a good feeling and of course a smile on my face. I had a great time here, even though I worked a lot. Or LODZ of work, how Dan would say…

But it was not just work. Plenty of adventures and nice trips paved my way as well. But in the end all this doesn’t matter if you can’t share your time with the right people. Good for me – that I did share all of this with INCREDIBLE people. And by saying incredible I mean they were kind of alrightISH. Hihiihihi.. habibibi







You guys are the reason why I won’t forget this time over here. :)


.. aaaaaand a little bit the fact that I BOARDED FOR THE FIRST TIME OF MY LIFE.


That’s it. Over and out from the Westcoast. My next shout you’ll receive from the Rockys.

Bye bye Whistler, bye bye Creekside, bye bye LEGENDS and bye bye Quality Street.

Thanks a million,



prochaine arrêt: banff – derrière l’horizon.


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