About woolsocks and klettverschlußshoes

He you sandbox rebells,

hope all of you had a great start in 2014.

A new year – A new chance – A new whatever. Nobody knows.

2014 started for me a little bit later this time because of the 9hours time difference to Germany. No Problemô for Dan and me – We just celebrated the EUROPEAN New Year like we used to do. Cheers at 3pm.

Ok, some lines to our newyearseve. Äähm.. black, dunno, wasweißich, moin, war duhn, logo, beer, beer, beer, pizza, back to beer, lodge, OLDIEBUTGOLDIEparty, Discofox.., HOUSEPARTY and more beer, twoandahalfrockets (#massivefirework #yolo #…), hot choclate, 5.30 ZzzZzZzzz.

Finally 2014 – Welcome, New Year’s resolutions.
At 0.01 I shortly thought about it. “Maybe I should stop drinki…” Aaaand another beer was open, Prost!

Anyways, decisions need to be made – and I made mine. First of all I am coming Home. I booked my flight from Toronto over Iceland and Denmark back to Germany. End of March and destiny (ICELANDAIR) will bring me Home.

With this decision made – the next change followed right away. The Liaison between me and Whistler (Mama would be upset now, because she teached me to be polite, so..) The Liasison between WHISTLER and ME is almost over. I am going to leave Creekside and all it’s lovely people in mid of january. One more week of work, one more week of boarding and one more time NHL in Vancouver before I leave.

Sure thing, I won’t leave this place without having a feeew million drinks wth my friends. You better place some buckets in your bedroom. Placez beaucoup de container au la chambre pour vormir tout le nuit. Santé!

One more time – DaftPunk.

What will happen after Whistler? Mh.. I have a few points on the Map I am going to visit – before I leave Canada. I am talking about BANFF, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and Montreal. Everything else is bonus.

But this is FUTUREmusic. Right now I am still in Creekside, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada and Nothern America.

Before I am on the Road again – One last activity update from the Westcoast.

Yeees. I still board and Yeeees.. I WILL SHOW YOU NOTBELIEVERS THAT I AM AN OK-GOOD-BOARDER-rookie. I am going to upload a little goodbyewhistlerMovie showing my improvements on the board. PUBLISHDATE – Saturday January 11th. Stay tuned.



What else? I received Post from back home. AMAZING. My grandma sent me these..


She’s knows what I like. Two different socks, haha. Awesome! (yaa.. ok she sent two pairs.. but shh.. she is the best!)

And I received another box from a friend of mine. A huuuuuuuge surprise! Tak for det :)

That’s almost it. I feel that Home is coming closer, eversince I booked my flight. I am looking forward. BUT 2 1/2 month left and I will make the most out of it. I’ll keep you updated, friends.

From the other end of the world,

– and with a new Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey (IAMSOINLOVE) –




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