300 days of freedom

He friends, followers, cutiepies  or by accident-on-this-link-clickers,

welcome to 500 days of summer my personal review of a fantastic year 2013.

In best – RTL with Guenther Jauch – review manner I sum up what happend from the moment I left my wonderfull hometown Flensborg till today arrived – almost 300 days later.


MARCH, APRIL When it all began

I started my trip on the 29th of March. From Hamburg over Bruessels till I arrived Toronto Airport after 10 1/2 hours of beeing above the clouds.

rouv u hansa One of the last shots in Germany on my Goodbye-goingawayparty in March 2013.

I still remember that I left Germany in snow and Canada made up a sunni welcome for me. World Upside down right away. I stayed in Toronto, precisely in Mississauga, with my cousin and her lovely family for one and a half month. I skipped my original plan – rule Toronto as a rookie sports journalist – quite fast. Instead I got hired by Abercrombie & Fitch. But before I started working there, I left..

Highlights NBA Toronto Raptors, Thierry Henry at Toronto FC Soccer, Putin, YMCA, Pick & Roll, Port, Ontario Soccer League, Flip Cup, MAPLE LEAFS PLAYOFFS, Public Viewing, High Park, Photography.

lio, jay, tj


tjonto (853x1280)

ne (853x1280)

empress (1280x892)

byc (1280x853)


MAY, JUNE Banff made my day

Toronto – passé. I left quite spontaneous taking the well known luxury greyhound sevenheaven bus with it’s final destination – Banff – right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. I arrived fresh like an icecube in Mexico after just TWOANDAHALFDAYSINTHEBUS.
Banff was sick. Banff was awesome. Banff what the best decision ever. I found a job, a dirty place to live and friends for life. I worked as probably the shittiest housekeeper of all time. Well known as tj – the housekeeper who leaves rooms more dirty after he “cleaned” them. Heaven!
Beside work – Party, beer and stunning trips filled my time. Not to forget about the big flood which provokes almost the apocalypse.

Highlights Rockys, Rockys, Rockys, Rockys, Rockys, Rockys, RockyBalboa, Douglas Fir (Hahahaha), Staff accom, Friends, Hiking, Hoodos, Aurora and NO Sasquatch, myveryfirstteddy, CL-FINAL and drunk at 12, CANADA DAY and drunk at 11, Eviction, Road to Jasper, own bay, 2800meterswithchucks, Photography. Aahh just look below…

baul-co-ii (1280x885)

7 (1280x719)

crew (853x1280)


hking1 (1280x853)

brauni (300x257)

shh-pau (1280x853)

6 (1280x853)







JULY Roadtrip baby and Victoria dynamite

I left Banff with a Bang. Canada Day, Fireworks aaaand good bye. Mo, me and a Van. That’s all we needed. Roadtrip to Vancouver Island, down the westcoast to San Francisco (or Frisco how the cool kids call it) and back to Canada. It was incredible or incredibiliííí (how the very uncool kids call it). We lived in the day, we stopped where ever we felt like. It was pure freedom.

Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Tofino, Victoria, USA – Westcoast, Californication, Frisco, Seattle, Victoria.

I ended up taking the Ferry back to Victoria. Alone. Mo went home to Germany. My adventure went on.

Highlights Everything, Lakes, Weather, myveryfirstraccoon, Vancouver Island, Junk Food, kingofthrones, ferry to Van Island (BUILD IN MY HOMETOWN!!!), desert, golden gate, hansen, photography.

dsc_0818-800x533 (800x533)

img_7309-800x533 (800x533)

img_8376-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_8820 (818x1280)

img_9134-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_8564-1024x683 (1024x683)

img_7669-1024x683 (1024x683)

dsc_0980-1024x683 (1024x683)

dsc_0006-1024x683 (1024x683)


Back in Canada, Vancouver Island – Victoria.
I passed by on my Roadtrip and decided this is the place I want to stay for a while. It was just me this time, though. Right after I arrived I printed a billion resumes and applied for everything. My first week I stayed in Hostels. First the HI, then the Oceans Inn. I worked for food&accomodation and got kicked out after three days. Go hard or go Home. Cheers!

What happened afterwards was just pure luck. I couchsurfed at Joel’s place for almost three weeks. It was fantastic, exploring the beautiful Victoria almost every day. Job and apartment search was buried. I enjoyed instead. And then another great opportunity arised. Chris, a friend from Banff, showed up and offered me a seat in his Van for another Roadtrip. Four minutes later my bags were packed. Au revoir Victoria and HELLO YELLOWSTONE.

533687_626166007402038_1851868842_n (480x480)

972298_10151652677569934_2021391667_n (960x720)

xpgjldvfsd31fxovzkdbq5pxwrbeouwmz9iq7gs4eva-1024x768 (1024x768)


AUGUST Untouched beauty

“Untouched beauty” No, I am not talking about myself, haha. Chris and me we left in his huge bad ass Van towards the border of the US. We looked left and right and stopped every once in a while to enjoy what was around but we were quiiiiite keen of going to see yellow stones as soon as possible. We arrived in the YS-Nationalpark and after two minutes we saw the first bear. (Beer – was opened one minute ealier)

Beside this great nature, yellowstone offered especially one thing – HEAT. 40 degrees, moin. A week in the desert of the US and another week in Waterton Nationalpark in Canada, where I found the most impressive spot of all my travels. Shh..

Highlights Watch – http://vimeo.com/73604410 – bath in waterfalls, every sunrise, every sunset and all inbetween, Photography.

20130821-145054_cf0133-1024x768 (1024x768)

20130815-155542_cf9677-1024x766 (1024x766)

20130817_154639-1024x705 (1024x705)

20130812-140302_cf9648-1024x766 (1024x766)

20130817-165855_cf9907-1024x768 (1024x768)

20130821-191257_cf0267-1024x768 (1024x768)

20130821-204613_cf0302-1024x768 (1024x768)

20130822-120823_cf0322-1024x768 (1024x768)

20130823-185541_cf0359-1024x768 (1024x768)









The summer in one word – Wild.
After the Roadtrip I made short stops in Calgary, Banff and Vancouver – before I somehow ended up in Whistler.

Three days later, new job, new apartment & skipass for free. Mint.
The rest was a selfrunner. I learned how to BOARD THE SHIT OUT OF THE MOUNTAIN, saw the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL, explored like a maniac, worked like a swiss watch and enjoyed the time with my friends.

Highlights Suited up, pau-moment, ps3, emergency tj, myveryfirstthanksgiving, myveryfirstturkey, myveryfirstsnowboardexpierence, snow, waterfalls, NHL, Halloween, Poem, MYOWNBED, Vancouver Xmas shopping, Photography. And don’t forget to watch my snowboarding babysteps – http://www.vimeo.com/79850475

1468634_572957342771642_1249134489_n-960x720 (960x720)

dsc_0263-1280x848 (1280x848)




halloween (648x488)

tjins-sm-st-1108x1280 (1108x1280)


If you made it till here, you must be real friend or just extremly bored. Anyways.. some true words from the inside, to end this one.

Today is December 29th. I arrived exactly nine month ago. To be honest it’s a strange feeling to look back. So much happened. I feel so far away from Home and somehow I am still so close.

I can’t express my feelings for those people who are still with me – through all the adventures I shared. I know that I am blessed with this chance and that’s the reason I enjoy and appreciate every single day.

Thank you, friends. Thank you, family. Especially Mama and Papa.

Good bye 2013. I will never forget.



Interested in the whole story? Feel free to search through the archives – at the bottom of this page.


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