Scandinavian Flavour

It’s 4am and for a reason I don’t know.. I can’t sleep.
Feels like my body is going back to my normal german-time-shedule…

After a cold glass of water I decided to stay awake. I read a bit and now I am writing these lines – listening to some mellow tunes.

Whats new?
For the first time since I arrived in Canada, time is flying by.
Work, work, work, sleep and a beer every once in a while. That’s it.

At leat I still try to spend my days off for adventurous stuff. One of my favorites: Walking around with my cam, music just exploring around. There is so much to discover.

Oh by the way.. I recently fell in love.
Doooon’t panic – there is no girl involved ;) yeeet

The other day I went to the local library lookin’ for some exiting lines to read. Aaaand I found some.. I took home right away.

It’s a scandinavian crime called “The keeper of the lost cases” written by Jussi ADLER-OLSEN.

I have to admit I am not the biggest reader on earth but whenever I find a book like this.. I turn into one.

One thing which makes this book even more interesting for me – the scenery takes place in the area I call Home.

In the border area between Germany, Denmark and the baltic sea.


SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN ! Moinmoinmoinmoinmoinoinononinonnoonmmmoooiiinnn

What else. Oh yea we got shitloads of snow the other day. I remember 7am in the morning short meetup with Dan on the balcony.. We were just like.. WHAT THE FUUUUCK – AHHhhhhhhh KRAWALLUNDREMMIDEMMICRAYZSHIIIIIAT



IMG_2771 (1280x853)

We are ready, are you?

Otherwise I spent most of my free time with some good friends around.

Doin’ what we have to dooooo..




And yes.. it was me who won the inofficial scary award 2013!

One last thing before I continue with Carl Mørck and maybe sleep as well..

.. I am luuucky cause I got the chance to rebell another time at a CANUCKS NHL HOCKEY GAME in Vancouverli. Thanks to my frontdeskgirlconnection.

I going my wear my scarf wth proud – then WE ARE ALL CANUCKS GRRRRR



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  1. Jussi woooohoooooo!!!

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