Frontdesk to tj …

.. I received this call many times but yesterday – changed everything.

Imagine. It’s Thanks Giving weekend (by the way MY VERY FIRST TH-GI experience) the Hotel is packed. I am kind of busy. Then I receive another “Frontdesk to tj-call” nothing special thats what I expect.. haha.. DREAM ON MAN!

Can’t go into detail.. it’s Hotel business and secret stuff.. but at least I can tell.. from this moment on I was busy as hell and I changed from Bellman to Emergency First Contact Person on duty.. hahaha..

Anyways. Everything turned out well and I ended up having my first Thanks Giving Experience with a huge family staying in the Hotel who invited me for their Dinner. I took a beer and thought – What a day..

Yep. This weekend is kind of wild. Thanks Giving makes people over here craaazy. Here in Whistler we have a special attraction – called “Turkey Sale”. It’s a big sale where everybody is buying the equipment for the upcoming season. The only Problem.. EVERYBODY IS THERE. Me too.. looogooo!

Wild – wilder – turkey sale. Like a football game inside. Um es mal in meinen Worten zu sagen, es wurde ordentlich geRANGELT!

Whaaatever. I got my jacket, my Pants and everything I was looking for. I am set up for the season and the snow is allowed to touch me now. I will show u my new Winteroutfit from the tj snowboard-collection 2013 soon.

Ok. Almost enough reading stuff – Now it’s again time to blow your minds. Shot some mellow (YES I LEARNED A NEW WORD!) on the Whistler mountain. We (Laura, Adrian and Danillo) took the gondula to the peek and what we saw over there.. ya whatever.. whaaatever.. CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF!

IMG_2216 (1280x853) IMG_2213 (1280x853) IMG_2201 (1280x853) IMG_2198 (1280x853) IMG_2181 (1280x853)

IMG_2231 (1280x853) DSC_0287 (1280x848) DSC_0263 (1280x848)

Before I close this chapter for today I just want to thank everybody who is still following my adventure over here. I am happy and proud that there are still a lot.

And thats how I say good bye to you today.

Live is exiting and I enjoy it in full trains. Good night (to Germany!) Cause we just 10.30 am.. the sun is shining and the my hair loooks damn good!


DSC_0272 (1280x848)


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