Paauuuu – Moment

Hej people,

todaaaay.. is a good day :)

First of all it is raining. I love rain – it always reminds me of home.

Aaand besides that I just received my first Paycheque here in Whistler. Ka$$$hing!

I am rich, bitch!

Now I can retire and enjoy my life till the end.. haha – almost.

Well, time goes by.. I’ve been already six month in Canada. In one word – HEFTIG aka. Awesome. Soon I’ll make a short review of what I did and what I saw and especially what I drank.. whatever. Stay tuned.

Anyways. I still enjoy my time here in Whistler. After setting up everything – job, house, ps3! – I am really looking forward for the winter season over here.

Let me tell you guys about Yesterday. It was probably one of the last crazy beautiful summer day. I took my cam and did what I love. Knipsen!

The result of the german television voting – fjorten points go to..

IMG_1569 (1280x853) IMG_1601 (1280x853) IMG_1629 (1280x853) IMG_1635 (1280x853) IMG_1742 (853x1280) IMG_1836 (1280x853) IMG_1946 (1280x853) IMG_1953 (1280x853)

Did I tell you by the way that I have my own room now and all my friends (only girls.. haha) are very very welcome to visit me and be part of my adventure. Now is the chance!

Oh.. and I need to explain my headtitle above.. U want to know what a Paaauuu moment is? – You walk/climbed up a hill.. the weather is great. U climb and climb and climb. You want to turn around but you force yourself to avoid it. You wait. You move on.

You arrive your destination – You turn around… Paaauuu!

IMG_1908 (1280x853)

That’s what I call a Paaau moment.

Enjoy yourself friends,

like I do.

wth dan (960x720)

wth. baverian pistoliero (Dan)


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