she moves like Rihanna..

Threeandahalf hours sleep – Yep, I am in top condition – to present my newest blogattack.

Ok to be honest. I forgot to do my laundry yesterday (forgot? haha.. I was just too lazy) and because I will leave Victoria today – I’ll have to hurry up.

Whaaaaat? Excuse me? Excuséèè“eee moi.. Tschuldigung?? You leave Victoria? Whouuuuuut?

Yes, it`s true. I leave my true beloved Victoria and move on. Why? I’ll answer this question with another question. Why not?!

Well, I just grab another great oppurtunity in my life. Chris (a banff friend of mine ) arrived in Vic a few days ago. So we spent plenty of time together. And together we finally planed another Roadtrip.

Roadtrip 2.0 – whooop whoooop!

I decided to enjoy the stunning canadian summer this year before I will start working when it’s getting colder. The only real goal we want to go is the Yellowstone Nationalpark in the US. For Team Unknown – please google! (worth it)

Yellowstone is around 1500km away from Victoria. Not too far. On our way we will stop by whereever we want to. No pressure at all – just love and peace.

I had a great time in Vic. Mostly because I met some great people again. First of all Joel, Ryan and Adrian. Where I spent most of my time. Thanks guys. My couch in Flensborg is waiting! (more or less – I have no couch..)

Anyways. They showed me some really nice spots and to proof I took some picture for suuuuuuure.

Victoria at it’s best

IMG_9386 (1024x683) IMG_9444 (683x1024) IMG_9450 (1024x683) IMG_9457 (1024x683) IMG_9637 (1024x683) IMG_9673 (683x1024) IMG_9674 (683x1024) IMG_9709 (683x1024) IMG_9776 (1024x683) IMG_9780 (1024x683) IMG_9786 (1024x683) IMG_9790 (1024x683) IMG_9855 (1024x683)

Yep and now with people I like. (lil sheeps and myself included)

IMG_9380 (1024x683) IMG_9645 (1024x683) (1024x683) IMG_9704 (1024x683) IMG_9726 (1024x683) 2vD62yTTFeZvkD2MTyJx0JMUrE19xoiJZP8NGpWMcL4 (1024x768) 7y9DvAqSekuWf38ckOM6iaZ8Lsg4diB_W9cvP8-Cv-A (1024x768) fetUt_PAkxihCbHN1KYRjpECo8NpEn_ywG2HtCYcwi8 (1024x576) v9xLtQsInBs5g3lZXIMUsEyk7UJZVxlzD2hWZkRn7_M,cdV3NyP1r_vUIhfDmdur8ir-FRPE-3SfXsXmJFjvDmM (1024x767) rwnRf1zQVjHLrLMDk97WLdcWbz8uKLnQ-o69uO9QLq8 (1024x768) qO2c4p8PmEepjq-APlAnyq7E_Tb8qZJWbU6cYELHf5w (768x1024)533687_626166007402038_1851868842_n




1011341_10151650547189934_329796113_n prost (1024x768) XPgJLDvfSd31fXOVZKDBQ5pxWRbEoUWMz9iQ7Gs4EVA (1024x768)

That’s it for now. I say goodbye Victoria – I love you.
Ouuhh.. and by the way – I have a new camera. Just a short intro..

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