99 pictures cause tj is on most of them..


finally I found some time to tell you guys about my start in Victoria.

I am in this beauty for one week now. Those first days were pretty intense but exiting as well. Most of the time I spent running around applying applying applying.. Jobs, Rooms, Hostels..

The first two days I slept in the HI-Hostel, before I switched to the Oceans Inn Hostel. I worked there a few days so I stayed for free. I earned some OceansInn Money as well to spent for food and drinks. Not bad cause I have still some left.. Food for free – could be worse.

Well, after that I moved on cause I found a Couchsurfing spot (Never heard of Couchsurfing? – Nice people offer poor travelers a place to sleep.) Thanks! Saved my life.

I am still at this couch, cause it’s OK-COMFORTABLE and the people living here are just great. Hope I can stay here for a lil while. We will see.

I found a good spot where I could probably stay for all of my time here (around 1 – 2 month). It’s a house/room for free (!!!) in exchange I have to help an old lady. It’s actually not that bad. It’s not much work (easy going) and I won’t work during the day. It’s just nighttime. So I’ll figure out if this will work for me. But a free room.. cmon!

I also have a few job opportunities yet. Nothing I would yell YEEAAAHH for.. but money is money, right?

So just to let u know my little friends. My start here was good. Intense and exhausting but good:)

Unfortunately (well, maybe some people are happy about it..) I can’t tell u about everything I did but as u know me I’ll let u take a look..

I explored a lot in my first week here. I can tell – this city is stunning. I love this place and I am looking forward to spend some time over here. I was lucky since I arrived there was this impressive Festival down at the harbour. I went there every day&night. Saw awesome street artists and met interesting people.


What I like about this city? It’s just nice to walk around. You don’t need a car or the bus to reach beautiful spots and the city reminds me of my Hometown. It’s hard to explain.. I just feel – it is right to be here right now.

Ok enough Letters..

After crossing the inner city bridge I arrived in WEST VICTORIA. Westcoast.. whoop whooop!

IMG_8913 (1024x683) IMG_8932 (1024x683) IMG_8938 (1024x683) IMG_8946 (1024x683) IMG_8954 (1024x683) IMG_8968 (1024x683) IMG_8977 (1024x683) IMG_8985 (1024x683) IMG_8986 (1024x683)

Went to a lake.

IMG_9009 (1024x683)

Next to the pacific Ocean – Sunset. (Sunrise… not yet tooo early haha)
IMG_9030 (1024x683) IMG_9032 (1024x683) IMG_9042 (1024x683) IMG_9057 (1024x683) IMG_9071 (1024x683) IMG_9078 (1024x683) IMG_9079 (1024x683) IMG_9106 (1024x683) IMG_9117 (1024x683) IMG_9123 (1024x683) IMG_9124 (1024x683) IMG_9129 (1024x683) IMG_9134 (1024x683) IMG_9160 (1024x683) IMG_9163 (1024x683) IMG_9155 (1024x683)

Climbing a mounain. 360° view. (and tj on every single picture -____- )

IMG_9180 (1024x683)  IMG_9186 (683x1024) IMG_9211 (1024x683) IMG_9217 (683x1024) IMG_9228 (1024x683)

Back at the Pacific.

IMG_9267 (683x1024) IMG_9294 (1024x683) IMG_9348 (1024x683) IMG_9353 (1024x683) IMG_9359 (1024x683) IMG_9372 (1024x683)

I hope that those pictures give you a little overview of.. my recent hairstyle.. I like it wild. :)
Anyways. Try to keep in touch with u my friends.
See u soon.

walkin (1024x683) How u like my new Blog-Banner by the way?


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