I AM BACK. Canada – I am back!

We finished our Roadtrip yesterday morning at Port Angeles. Mo drove on torwards Toronto, where he is going to stay a few more weeks before he has to return to Germany.

Me.. I took the ferry and headed over back to Canada – Vancouver Island – Victoria.

Here I am now. Sitting in my hostelchillinglivingroom. Before I start telling you about my start here. I am going to show u the last impressions from our Roadtrip.

After my short stop in the dessert area I removed all the remained sand and moved on. Direction: San Francisco.

It’s a funny thing when u stand in front of the golden gate bridge. Driving over it is not that spectacular but just looking at it – thinking of so many movies u saw the bridge in – is a nice feeling. Well, we took some picture, walked a little bit on it and thats mostly it. Only the weather played a bad role this day. But we were so lucky all trip long with sun all the time that I am ok with that. GGB here u go.

IMG_8566 (683x1024)  IMG_8564 (1024x683)   IMG_8546 (1024x683) IMG_8586 (683x1024) IMG_8570 (683x1024)

After Frisco, we drove and drove and drove – looking left & right the street seeing the beautiful and DRY landscape of California. Next stops Portland & Seattle.
IMG_8727 (1024x683) IMG_8706 (683x1024) IMG_8636 (1024x683) IMG_8628 (1024x683) IMG_8621 (1024x683) IMG_8618 (1024x683) IMG_8614 (1024x683) IMG_8697 (1024x683) IMG_8696 (683x1024) IMG_8837 (1024x683) IMG_8832 (683x1024)
Well thats it. Roadtrip is over. Time passed by so quickly. It was just stunning. All the time. The biggest thanks goes to Mr. Mo who made this trip really easy going for me. The rest of all my love goes to Canada, a lil bit to US and to this guy who build all those beautiful places in northern america. :)
In the end just a short overview about the places we saw during our trip. OWN DRAW CARD – APPRECIATE!
card 1 card 2
Alright. Now I am in Victoria. I arrived yesterday around 9.30. With my first walk I went to a copy shop where I printed serveral CVs (Bewerbungen). After that I walked around leaving my CV everywhere, applying for almost 10 jobs.
IMG_8852 (958x1024)I am Back in Canada baby!
After that I checked the internet for some rooms availuable. Cause there are no Staffaccoms here, so I need a room. Like I had one in Flensborg while studying.
I was walking around all day long doing many things.. all the stuff u need to to when u arrive in a new city knowing nobody. Carrying all my staff by the way….
Anyways in the evening I finally checked in the hostel taking a shower which was probably the best one I’ve ever had. After a long Roadtrip (just took a shower in Kelowna and Tofino) and walking around with your backpack all day long while the sun is shining with hyperpower.
The evening I spend with some people I just met sitting at the water having a fire.
IMG_8862 (1024x683) IMG_8877 (683x1024)
On my way back (I walked alone). I lost myself like I never did before. Hahaha..
Walking around like.. WHAT THE FUCK IN WHICH COUNTRY AM I?!?!?
I walked 23 circles for sure. But… I used to do that in each new city and now I feel like i know the streets and I hope I can find my way to the beach later on. (Cross your fingers friends)
Well.. thats it for the moment. We’ll keep in touch and I will tell u how it goes in my new city. I think I am going to like it here, yesterday when I walked on my own I felt happy already – even if I miss so many people – espacially my family and my closest friends – I enjoy my time.
And don’t worry.. I’ll never forget where I am coming from.

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