Van Island ✓

Hello beautiful people,

Good news – I have WIFI access all day loooooong. Nice. The bad thing about it I’ll lose this godgivengift in about one hour..

I HAVE TO HURRY UP – SFlksdflaerjlkdv()§$/=)”§sndos)”§989H)S”§fdlöpsadbau …. NO PRESSURE!

Right now I am in Tofino – the pacific ocean just a few steps away from me. Westcoast baby. But it’s a little bit boring here. So we decided to leave this romantic harbour city today after two nights we spent here already.

We enjoyed the sun, the beach, several beers and the time we spent with two of our friends we met in Banff. (Iloveubanffbytheway)

Next stop might be Victoria on the other side of the Island. From there we will take the ferry crossing the sea heading to the UNITED STATES OF OBAMA. :)

But now back to the important things in life – Pictures ..

.. proofing that I am in CANADA for real. Sometimes it seems like a dream. Unreal..

Vancouver to Van Island with a ferry. Felt like beeing back in NORDFRIESLAND! Definitely one of my personal highlights on this trip.. yet.

IMG_7669 (1024x683) IMG_7683 (1024x683) IMG_7644 (1024x683)

Spending a night in the wildlife of Vancouver Island we drove on towards Tofino. On our way.. beauty everywhere. Proof beneath!

IMG_7840 (683x1024) IMG_7895 (683x1024) IMG_7899 (1024x683) IMG_7906 (1024x683) IMG_7907 (1024x683)  DSC_0938 (683x1024) DSC_0934 (1024x683) DSC_0917 (683x1024) DSC_0906 (1024x683)

Wait.. I have some more. Finally arrived in Tofino we bought beer. OF COURSE. It was cheap and strong. I was a bit boooozy but still able to take some one picture. Mo assisted.

IMG_7918 (1024x683)

DSC_0974 (683x1024)

Well. Thats almost it. But a few last shots I still have for u. I say goodbye Tofino. U are beautiful but too booring. I am not quite sure If we will meet again. Anyways.. Thanks for reminding me of my beautiful Hometown Flensborg. I miss it and my people living there.

DSC_1008 (1024x683) DSC_1004 (1024x683) DSC_0980 (1024x683)

Next Stop UNITED STATES! Moin!

IMG_7909 (683x1024) IMG_8018 (1024x683)


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