Let’s get this party started!

Alright friends,

three month of german blogwriting are over now. It’s getting english inside of here.

Even If my german writing skills might be way better – I’ll try to do my best to entertain you like I hopefully did before. Ah.. and I really don’t care about grammar mistakes. Simple present, Plusquamperfekt.. or Future tense.

Anyways. I left my beloved Banff behind and started my Roadtrip with Farmerboy Mo(ritz) yesterday, sitting in Jaspers Tim “fucking packed” Hortons right now. But even if Banff is out of sight I will refer to my last beautiful days there.

The weather: perfect! Sun, Sun, sunshine, sunny, summer, suncreme.. whatever. Finally summer arrived Banff. Sweeet.

So I spent my last days at the beach, hiking or at our balcony. Well, except for my last day. Cause on Monday (first of July) CANADA WENT CRAZY with tj and his tattoos in between.

CANADA DAY – my friends. Starting drinking at 11.30 – with the following result.

1048624_10152975571940591_527483573_o 981355_535905783139991_313387593_o













This day ends like it was supposed to be. With a huge firework just for me. Thank you Banff – I really appriciate. :))

Time to say goodbye on the next morning. Of course a bit say but I left Banff with a smile. Cause I had an unique time, meeting some awesome personalities.

Lucky me! 998186_10201287883379974_780631650_n

oh canada






Mo, me, myself Mo again and I we left Banff with full power driving on the the Road to Jasper. Our first stop of our (MAYBE) three weeks Roadtrip. A perfect start. Sun. Beautiful spots and not to forget about the huge Thunderstorm in the evening.

chll tjmo












I can tell – I survived the first day and even more important the first night (sleeping in the car) of our Roadtrip. So we will move on now. Heading torwards Westcoast of Canada and United States of America.

I’ll let u know how it goes.


smiling tj



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